The Everett Chapter of the eWomenNetwork really knows how to make its speakers feel welcome. I gave a talk on Friday, September 7 with Executive Managing Director Zita Gustin about how to build buzz and become known as the expert in your field.

The audience was so appreciative of the information and the way we presented it that we were honored with a standing ovation. That was quite overwhelming and very rewarding.

Here is a quick list of my favorite 10 ways to get known as the expert in your field. I offer these, having applied them to build my own reputaton as a media relations expert over the last seven years.

1. Write and distribute a regular, high value ezine. If you need a resource to get started, visit to learn more.


2. Serve as an expert for the media. You’ll need a great bio and a sassy summary of timely, newsworthy, and relevant topics. If you need an example from which you can model your own, check out my bio.


3. Write for the media by sharing contributed articles on topics that serve others and highlight your expertise. You’ll need a top quality headshot to put your best face forward in print. If you live in the Puget Sound region, call Tara Gimmer. She is a very talented photographer who will help put your best face forward. And, you’ll need to get acquainted with the editorial calendars for the publications that would be the best fit so you can suggest winning ideas that serve the readers.


4. Write and post articles that serve others and highlight your expertise to the Internet article directories.This brings your name and expertise up in the search engines when folks “Google” your name and reinforces your status as a published author and expert and drives traffic to your Website or blog. Here are a few places to jump start your article placement efforts:


5. Earn a regular monthly column in a well targeted publication that serves others and highlights your expertise.


6. Get interviewed on radio and TV.


7. Get invited to make presentations to local clubs and organizations. You’ll need a speaker sheet that summarizes your qualifications, sassy topics that appeal to each audience, and testimonials from those who rave about what you talk about. Need an example? Check out my speaker sheet. Don’t have testimonials yet? Ask for them the next time you speak, and you’ll start building a library of great raves to help you earn new engagements.


8. Blog on sites that appeal to your people or create and maintain a blog of your own.


9. Write a book or create information products and sell them when you speak or via the Internet.


10. Offer seminars, teleseminars, and workshops that serve others and highlight your expertise.




Believe me on this point, and listen carefully here. There is no easy button. Building a reputation as the go-to person in your field takes tenacity, time, and commitment. And, when you get into action and remained disciplined in your efforts, you will achieve the results you seek. Of this, I am quite certain.