Here's a link to a good post on this topic from my colleague Melanie Rembrandt from the latest issue of Pink magazine.  This link also points you to some useful DIY publicity resources that thousands of publicity seeking business owners worldwide are applying to their advantage.

It's one thing to have the most prestigious PR agency in town working on your business.  If the person who is working on your account has less experience earning meaningful results in the media than you, that is food for thought.

And, if you live and work in the Puget Sound region, consider some of the local resources I offer to help you make the most of your DIY publicity efforts.  Publici-Tea™ Express dates have been set for September 11, October 16, and November 6 in Seattle, Olympia, and on Mercer Island.  Read all about what you'll learn, and register at the active link above, and get into action.

And, if you live beyond the Puget Sound region, the “Anytime, Anywhere” Publici-Tea™ Express is perfect for you.

Wherever you live, make sure you are reading, listening to, and watching the media that matter most for your message.   That is the best way to know how to prepare your message so the right people will listen.