The Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide teleclass hosted by Tshombe Brown and me has been earning some great reviews.  You can tune in at this link:


My favorite part of the call was transforming the bios of a real estate agent in Portland and a serial entrepreneur from Perth, Australia from “boring, bland, and boilerplate” to “memorable, remarkable, and really great” as a means of demonstrating the lessons I teach from the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide.  The business owners whose bios were being “workshopped” were “on” the call to respond to the Extreme Bio Makeover suggestions, and they were really wowed by the transformations.


Please, share this with everyone you know so we can get a jump-start on banishing boring bios everywhere. And, you can see some of the special offers I have extended to call participants at this link.

Thanks Tshombe Brown for being such a great co-collaborator.  Publici-TeaAnd, oh by the way, when you listen all the way to the end of the call, you can hear about the Publici-Tea™@Sea luxury cruise to Alaska that is brewing for August 8 – 15, 2010.     I’d love to have the perfect people come on board who are truly serious about building their businesses, building the buzz, and forming new relationships to catapult success to even higher levels.   Aren’t you the least bit curious?  Don’t you want to know more?  And won’t you come and play and learn this summer?   It’s going to be fun.  Come on aboard!