I couldn't have asked for a more fabulous group of buzz seeking business owners at last Friday's Tacoma Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshop. Check out this amazing testimonial I received just moments ago:


What a blessing you are. Your seminar yesterday was exactly what I needed at this time. I have known that our greatest weakness in my business was the lack of effective marketing and publicity. We are currently reconstructing our web site and adding a blog. I will be putting together my photo and a press kit as well as the other tools I learned about yesterday.

Your seminar exceeded my expectations many times over although I knew from Dan Voelpel' s article it was going to be excellent. You give so much of yourself and I think there is such a need for what you are doing. Getting into business is one thing but staying in business and growing are where many of us need professional guidance such as you provide.

Again, thank you for this opportunity to improve my business as I never thought possible. I look forward to more training, seminars and conferences with you at the helm!

— Sandra Alonzo, Queens Closet, a consignment shop offering everything for the plus sized and full figured woman.

Special thanks to Rachael Costner and Betsy Talbot for contributing powerful content to an information and inspiration packed day. Rachael led 26 guests through a 10 minute sticky note SWOT analysis, and it was eye opening for many. I've attended all-day strategic planning sessions in the past, and what I was able to identify for my own business during this 10-minute exercise was pretty darn powerful. If you want to try it yourself, take 2.5 minutes to brainstorm your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Then choose the top three items on each list. With just 2.5 minutes per area, you have to get to the meat of the matter quickly, and your areas of opportunity will come into laser focus. Try it and see for yourself. And get in touch with Rachael to learn about some of the workshops she offers to dig deeper into essential marketing strategy for small business.

Betsy shared blogging basics and energized the guests with inspiration to jump into the blogosphere. She also offers a course called Blogging University that makes it easy for you to jump into the world Live web with a guide. One person had this to say about Blogging University: “It's nice to learn this stuff from a real human who speaks my language and not a professional geek.” Yes indeed, it is! Click here to learn more about it and register.

Dan Voelpel, business columnist for the Tacoma News Tribune, attended. Always in the hunt for great stories to share in his 3-times a week column, he said he walked away from the event with at least four potential stories to share with his readers. Since I advocate being of service to reporters, I feel especially pleased that Dan got value from his investment of time in the event.

Many thanks to Tobin Ropes, the owner of the Mad Hat Tea Company, for providing specially brewed teas to delight my guests. He read the article in the newspaper and called to extend this most welcome offer. My guests were suitable delighted and refreshed. Lives can change with a good cup of tea as a daily habit, so visit his store and experience the benefits for yourself. Read more about this shop via this story link from the Tacoma Weekly.

Special thanks to Tacoma City Council Member Julie Anderson and her assistant Katie Rose for inviting us to share Publici-Tea™ inspiration in her gracious, lovely and historic home. I couldn't have asked for a more fabulous venue to inspire my guests to even higher levels of do-it-yourself publicity success.

My next Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshops take place September 10 in Portland and September 12 in Bellevue. Why wait a moment longer and register today. Or, send your marketing assistant in your place. Better yet, come together! You'll be glad that you did.

And, I'll be hosting a Grande Sized Publici-Tea on Mercer Island on October 17. This one will feature the “How to Get Oprah's Attention ” expert and best selling author Susan Harrow, CEO of PR Secrets as my special guest. This will be her first ever visit to Seattle, WA. You won't want to miss this special event, so save the date. More details about this event will be posted to this site very shortly, so stay tuned!