Bill StainonDo press releases deliver results?   Yes, they do.  Especially when you have timely, newsworthy, relevant, and interesting information to share.

Case in point — on September 3, I got a call from Beatles Expert Bill Stainton.  The new Beatles edition of the popular game “Rock Band” was scheduled to debut to the marketplace on September 8.  Bill wanted to get some media attention for his expertise to coincide with the release of this new game.   I recommended he post a press release to PRWeb for September 8 so he could invite invitations to speak to the media in short order.  The headline he used invited attention: Noted Beatles Expert Explains Continuing Appeal of the Fab Four.

Bill embedded engaging video in his press release to showcase his expertise, and he even played a Beatles tune on his piano.  Is it any wonder his schedule was packed with interviews? In this email to me, Bill writes:

Hi Nancy,

Just wanted to let you know that, unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend your Publici-Tea™ Express event tomorrow…because I have radio interviews scheduled! I did about 8 or 9 last week, have three scheduled for today, a couple tomorrow, and a two-hour guest slot on an San Diego station Thursday evening…

— Bill Stainton

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With glowing feedback like this, Is it any wonder that I can't wait for the next event on October 16?  Register today so you can benefit and find your place in the media spotlight FAST.  It happened for Bill Stainton, and it can happen for you, too, if you just get into the game!