When you take action on the right media queries that can put your expertise front and center, good results can flow.  For example, when I saw this Help a Reporter Query in my inbox, I replied right away.

Summary: Ideas, tools and technology for midlife professionals going back to work: Seeking fresh ideas, tools and technology that will assist midlife professionals who are going back to work, starting a business, reinventing their career, or planning a “working” retirement. Authors, experts and research welcome. 

Name: Victoria Stefanakos Category: Business and Finance

Deadline: 12:00 PM EST – 25 September

This was my reply:

Subject Line: Bye-Bye Boring Bio for Mid-Life Professionals Starting New Businesses

Hi Victoria,

My particular brand of WOW is guiding aspiring speakers, authors, coaches, experts – and career reinventioneers — to transform their boring stories from wallpaper to wow to attract speaking gigs, media interviews, and clients now. As a contributing author to the National Speaker Association (NSA) book Speak More, my chapter is entitled Author-Speaker-Coach-Snooze: Set Your Profile Apart to Attract Clients Now. I am also the author of Bye-Bye Boring Bio: The Solopreneur’s Ultimate Action Guide to Get Seen, Heard, Celebrated and Compen$ated for Expert Status. I spoke at the NSA Anaheim Conference about this topic and earned rave reviews.

One of the most effective ways I make my own impact is by leading the Worldwide VIRTUAL Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Workshop.  This VIRTUAL workshop guides participants to prepare their materials with my expert guidance and to share the experience and the abundant and practical resources with a colleague. In doing so, they can reflect back their brilliance to each other, enjoy the experience, and also share the very modest fee while being guided to their desired outcome by my expert advice. The next workshop is September 25 from noon – 3 p.m. Pacific. I’ll be offering it again in January of 2014. Here is a link to make it easy for you to read about the Worldwide Virtual Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Workshop and view and read what happy participants say about it:

== www.byebyeboringbio.com

While you are there, you can listen to my breakout session audio, download the PowerPoint presentation, and access the Get Ready, Get Known, Get Paid Workbook that I offer to sample my engaging style and useful, results-generating content. I know your readers can be inspired by the actionable content provided – even if the Worldwide Virtual Get Your Story Done Workshop is not in their immediate plans.

I am happy to chat with you if this idea is a fit for your story.


Nancy Juetten, 425-641-5214

The result?  The reporter replied with warm words about my pitch and asked for an interview.  I went the extra mile to suggest upgrades to her own story to showcase how my advice could pay off for her immediately.  We had a wonderful telephone conversation.  And today the story debuted at Forbes.com.

Bottom Line

You really can get seen, heard, and celebrated as the expert you are today.  For me, responding to reporter queries and using the power of the media are among my own best ways. I love the credibility associated with having my perspectives showcased in prestigious media outlets. And the invitations to deliver my message to more of the right clients, audiences, and workshop participants absolutely bring about the compensation.

What are YOUR best ways to get known for your winning ways. Choose the top five and make them a well formed habit.  Pretty soon, you’ll get seen, heard, celebrated, and compensated, too.