My latest Puget Sound Business Journal column offers three useful and affordable resources to make it easy to know who to call to earn the “ink and air.” If you subscribe to the paper, you can see the story link here. If you don't, here is the text version. I share it because the information is just too useful not to share.  By the way, I can't say enough about the value you'll get from your own Puget Sound Business Journal subscription.  And, when you sign up , mention my name and you'll get a special Authentic Visibility discount.  How cool is that?

If earning media attention for your products, expertise, or services is a priority, consider three useful resources to help you connect readily with the right reporters, freelancers, and editorial decision makers to earn expert status or bring your products into the media spotlight.

Help a Reporter Out

Stories are in development every day, and reporters need ready access to experts, products, and perspectives to lend impact to the news at hand. One way to take contribute is to subscribe to a free media query service launched by Peter Shankman called In exchange, you receive 3-5 emails each day that outline the specifics reporters are seeking to contribute to stories in development right now. If you are among the first people to respond to calls for experts in a timely, compelling, and provocative way on or before the deadline, you can be on your way toward earning the publicity you seek. Over 12,000 members – reporters and experts alike – have signed up to benefit from this free service since it launched early in 2008.

Reading these leads also offers a powerful lesson in how to frame your own story to be newsworthy and relevant in the context of what is going on in the nation and the world right now. Recently, there has been a flurry of interest in stories seeking experts about how to retire in turbulent times, how to “staycation”rather than vacation, and how to recession proof your business. With quick and compelling replies to each, media placements have mounted for clients large and small, bringing their stories forward to much wider audiences with ease. If the commentary and ideas you share are on target, you’ll earn a place in stories soon to debut. It’s just that simple.

Once you earn success with your first few media placements, you’ll be convinced in the value of this free service, and you’ll want to go deeper in your media relations efforts.


PR Leads

Connect to even more media requests by subscribing to PR Leads. This affordable service ($99 each month) puts you in touch with reporters writing stories for major publications like The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Newsweek, as well as Redbook and Glamour who need to quote experts like you. You receive their names and email addresses and their story angles so you can contact them.

Last month, I received a query seeking “wow” summer fun toys to promote rest and relaxation poolside. I jumped on the chance to share the Aqua Reader from Olympic Hot Tub Company’s e-store that makes it easy to read a great book and hold a refreshing beverage while soaking in a hot tub or pool. A content contributor for a TV show airing in 20 major markets asked for samples to feature within the program, and one of the programs was CBS This Morning. It took just a few minutes to reply, and the client now stands to benefit from orders for the Aqua Reader from viewers across the nation. Learn more at

Gift List Media

Do you have a product that is perfectly timed for feature in the holiday gift guides of national magazines? If so, consider a subscription to This service puts you in touch with the decision makers responsible for choosing products to feature in holiday gift guides. You receive their names and email addresses, their story angles, and so much more. This database includes print contacts at magazines and the top 250 daily newspapers, wires, syndicate and news service contacts, and television producers at national network, cable and syndicated television shows, plus national radio. Information targets features for the December holidays, as well as year round product coverage. A subscription runs about $549.

Last month, I initiated my subscription and immediately researched the list to find a decision maker at O magazine. With my first pitch, I enlisted immediate interest. Minutes later, the editor asked for product samples. Days later, the editor asked for a second shipment of product samples for a product tasting with none other than Oprah herself. Now, Seattle Chocolate Company’s Extreme Dark Truffle Bars to benefit breast cancer charities are slated for feature within the October issue of O magazine during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Receiving a “congratulatory” email from a style editor at O magazine was one of those “Mastercard” moments.

Cost of my early bird Gift List Media subscription: $499

Value of a placement in O magazine: Priceless

Great rewards are waiting when you jump into the do-it-yourself publicity pool with both feet using affordable and powerful tools such as these. Come on in. The water is fine.

Nancy S. Juetten is a publicist, newspaper columnist, speaker, Publici-Tea™ trainer, and the author of the Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit that empowers business owners to get seen, heard, and celebrated in their own backyards and beyond from the impact and credibility of free publicity. Visit to learn more. Get in touch with Nancy at 425-641-5214 or by email at

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