Cathy AlessandraCathy Alessandra debuted the premier issue of Today’s Entrepreneur Magazine today to much fanfare among the women entrepreneurs I know around the nation and beyond.   And, because I network often and pay attention to visibility opportunities where my particular brand of storytelling can add value, I am fortunate to have one of my own articles featured within this important first issue.   Here I speak my own truth about my journey of business reinvention which has certainly not been for the faint of heart, but well worth the journey.

Additional contributors include Catarina Rando, Jennifer  Bourne, Jessica Eaves Matthews, Lisa Suttora, Kirin Christensen, Joy Chudacoff, Lisa Cole, Nancy Drew, Nancy Newcomber, and others on topics ranging from speaking with impact, branding, legal matters, health and beauty, sales success, nutrition and more.

Check out the publication, add your name to the subscriber list, and review the writer’s submission guidelines to make your own article submission for a future issue.  Just visit the “Write for Us” tab on the site to learn the details.

You could earn a wide audience of new readers who will soon be learning about your particular brand of genius.  Some of them may very well turn out to be your best new clients.  And to Cathy Alessandra, congratulations.  Today is a big day for you indeed.    It’s not a small thing to launch a magazine.  Soak it in and enjoy it.