The path to podcast success can often be paved with potential mistakes. From overlooking preparation to vague audience directives, maneuvering through these obstacles requires some strategic thinking. Be prepared for the what ifs, because in the world of podcasting anything could happen. 

Here are some of the podcast guesting mistakes that could happen and what to do instead:

1. Not being ready for opportunity:

Mistake: Lack of preparation for potential podcast opportunities.

What to do instead: Be ready with a professional microphone, good lighting, and a clear idea of what you want to talk about. Anticipate opportunities and be prepared to make a positive impression.

2. Being on a show that doesn’t match your message:

Mistake: Appearing on podcasts that don’t align with your message or target audience.

What to do instead: Choose shows that resonate with your message and are listened to by your ideal audience. Use discernment in selecting podcasts to maximize the impact of your appearances.

3. Not being clear about what you want the audience to do:

Mistake: Lack of clarity on the desired audience action after the podcast.

What to do instead: Start with the end in mind. Clearly communicate the desired action, whether it’s scheduling a call, downloading a special report, or any other specific call to action.

4. Monopolizing the conversation:

Mistake: Turning the podcast into a sales pitch or dominating the conversation.

What to do instead: Treat the podcast as a conversation, allowing the host to engage and ask questions. Avoid excessive self-promotion and focus on delivering value to the audience.

5. Spray and pray:

Mistake: Broadcasting generic pitches without tailoring them to the specific show.

What to do instead: Craft personalized pitches that demonstrate familiarity with the host’s content. Show how your unique perspective can provide value to their audience.

6. Dear host over-templating:

Mistake: Sending templated and generic requests to be a guest.

What to do instead:  Take the time to personalize your communication and show that you genuinely value their show. By demonstrating that you have listened or watched, and expressing why you would be a great fit, you’ll make a stronger impression and increase your chances of being invited. Avoid overusing templates and make each pitch unique.

7. Fail to start:

Mistake: Avoiding podcast guesting due to unanswered questions or hesitation.

What to do instead: Embrace podcast guesting as a valuable opportunity to share your expertise. Seek guidance if needed, but don’t let uncertainty prevent you from starting.

8. Not being clear about the desired outcome:

Mistake: Failing to communicate the desired audience action during the podcast.

What to do instead: Clearly state what you want the audience to do, whether it’s joining a program, scheduling a call, or another specific action.

8 Top Podcast Guesting Mistakes and What To Do Instead

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