It's a brand new year, and folks everywhere are setting goals, declaring resolutions, and specifying intentions to make the most of it. That being said, here are some 2009 commitments I've crafted for my own business that relate to the nuts and bolts of do-it-yourself publicity.    Some of them might work for your own goal setting purposes.  Try them on for size and just make sure to be consistent, persistent, and committed as you move along.  Nothing you do one time is every really enough.  You've got to be focused and consistent in your efforts if you want to generate an ongoing, favorable, and compelling pattern of media coverage over time.

  1. I resolve to take my temperature on “Google” right away and see what the search engines say about my name, my company name, my workshops, and other references to my company.   I will evaluate how satisfied I am about how well my DIY publicity message is carrying and plan action steps to influence the way things show up as 2009 unfolds.
  2. I resolve to take a look in the mirror and make sure my professional head shot looks like my reflection in the mirror.  If not, I'll make it a priority to get a new head shot so I am always putting my best face forward. If you find you need a new headshot and you do business in Seattle,  visit   Tara does a fabulous job and will make you look better than God made you.
  3. I resolve to review/update my website biography so it tells an engaging, accurate story about who I am and how I serve so I can invite perfect clients to my care.   If you need a bio and can't write your own, consider attending one of the Winning Bio Writing Workshops upcoming.
  4. I resolve to keep my online press room up-to-date with all the latest information and media coverage as it happens to make it easy for reporters, bloggers, and other writers to find the information they need and make our interview time together time efficient, accurate, and productive.   If you don't yet have your own online press kit, the Winning Bio Writing Workshop is one good way to learn more.   Or, you can use Press Kit 24/7.  It's a fabulous, affordable service that brings your press kit information to up to 55,000 site visitors each month who are looking for experts just like you.
  5. I renew my commitment to respond to active media queries with concise, compelling, and provocative story pitches that deliver value and impact for my clients and my own DIY publicity expertise.  If you share this goal, services such as ProfNet, PR Leads, and HARO are excellent and will make this task a lot easier, efficient, and enjoyable.
  6. I renew my commitment to deliver extraordinary value and service to my clients consistently so I earn the right to ask for quality referrals at the close of every single engagement.
  7. I resolve to express uncommon appreciation to everyone who refers work my way and supports me in other ways, such as providing a listening ear, offering referrals to quality resource partners, or offering input on a tough problem that needs a savvy solution.  Lasting Impressions, a Kirkland, WA-based promotional products company, does an extraordinary job helping clients create keep-in-touch systems that deliver lasting value.  I can't say enough good things about Founder and President Janet McNaughton.  Visit her site and give her a call.
  8. I resolve to explore and engage with at least one new networking organization or professional support group so I can connect with quality business people, learn new skills, and expand my universe of colleagues, co-collaborators, and potential clients.  The Washington Chapter of the National Speakers Association is on my short list.  Which organizations are on yours?
  9. I commit to learning about and using at least one new social network that is a fit for how and who I serve.  Right now, I am learning about Twitter, and it is quite the education.  If you need suggestions about networks to consider, check out BizNik if you are an independent business owner.  If you deal mostly in the corporate realm, visit LinkedIn.  My Space and FaceBook are other avenues.
  10. I commit to blogging regularly and offer content that engages my readers to make this blog a favorite that they are proud to recommend to others.  Readership grew exponentially in 2008, and I can't wait to go that pattern one better in 2009.
  11. I commit to writing and placing at least 12 contributed articles to the traditional or online media that support others' success with the DIY publicity expertise that is my passion.   If you share this goal, it's easy to post your articles to BizNik and If you haven't yet tried this, make the commitment to do so as soon as possible so you can share your knowledge with those who can benefit.
  12. I commit to speak to at least 12 quality groups of professional business people in 2009 so I can empower others' success through the DIY publicity message.  My first talk for 2009 is January 13.  If you want to learn the nuts and bolts of DIY publicity, visit to learn more about this 6:30 – 9 p.m. event taking place at the REI Flagship Store in Downtown Seattle.
  13. I renew my commitment to promote Publici-Tea™ Workshops, Winning Bio Writing Workshops, and other training and speaking events systematically on Oh by the way, most of my events are in the Seattle area, but I got a nice surprise over the holiday break.  One of my event notices ran on the Minority Professionals Network.  Someone in Reston, Virginia saw it and got in touch with me.   You just never know how far and wide your news will travel if you just commit to sharing your news!
  14. I renew my commitment to grow my ezine readership significantly in 2009 by sharing quality, information and resources to help opt-in subscribers prosper.  If you have not yet subscribed, you can opt-in in the convenient sign-up box on the right of this page.  In return, you'll receive 25 newspaper columns by immediate digital download to empower your DIY publicity success.
  15. I renew my commitment to take a “give before I get” approach with every move I make.
  16. I believe that prosperity is possible and fully intend to make it so in 2009.  How about you?