You never know when your comments will travel from one media venue to another to reach a huge audience of potential clients. Certified Financial Planner professional Steve Juetten woke up to a treat this morning when his comments about how to retire in turbulent times were featured on MSN Money.
A few weeks ago, he responded to a media lead from a reporter from seeking experts to speak on this topic. Since Steve read the book on the importance of responding to reporters in a timely, compelling, and helpful manner — and he happens to be married to the author — he jumped at the opportunity to be of service. Juetten's comments ran prominently within the story.

That the story was picked up by MSN Money today was a huge bonus to building the buzz about his reputation and expertise among the many readers of this authoritative site, offering proof that one good thing can lead to another. Those online story links at MSN Money and will reside online indefinitely, making it that much easier for potential clients to learn about Juetten's philosophies when they search for his name or expertise online. That will, no doubt, help many make the decision to engage Juetten as their Certified Financial Planner.

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