Three years ago, I got a VIP invitation to attend a private mastermind comprised of some of the biggest names in the coaching world today.

== I thought my ship had come in.

== I thought everything was about to change for me for the better.

== And then I learned that I had a lot more territory to travel to get where I wanted to go along my own success trajectory.

You see, it is not enough to have a responsive list of loyal fans and followers.

You also have to offer products and services that PARTNERS are excited to promote as much as you are proud to bring them to market.

This one person of influence actually said THIS to me:

“Nancy, we love you and your expertise. And you are not playing a big enough game yet for us to take you seriously.”

Turning an "Ouch" into a Win

It’s not easy to hear those words.

And a real winner is someone who turns a tough truth into a breakthrough. I took that candid comment that was hard to hear as my invitation to get serious about creating better products and programs that delivered bigger outcomes for clients that would also turn the heads of potential joint venture partners.

2017 Pyramid with VIP

In the meantime, I found ways to showcase partner programs and deliver my advocacy in ways that would turn their heads in service to their success and bolder impact for us all.

I just knew if I could serve others well that one day the doors would swing wide open for partners to gladly return the support in a similar way.

And I learned and put into practice plenty of ninja strategies to create BIG results — even though I am not “super tech savvy” by any stretch of the imagination. I became a JV Leaderboard Topping Angel, and my results are showcased at

So here is the good news that I want to be YOUR REALITY sooner versus later.

Today my business has never been better. It’s a Triple Scoop of Influence, Impact, and INCOME.

Turning an "Ouch" into a Win

And guess what? I am going to share what I have learned with you — provided you want to learn them and take action to gain VIP access.

Together with my colleague, joint venture partner and friend Jeanna Gabellini, we spill the Jeanna Gabellinibeans about how to rock the JV leaderboards.

Jeanna Gabellini  is founder of of MasterPeace Coaching and ProfitQuest. She’s all about doubling your profits and doubling your FUN, and she has the business results and lifestyle to prove it! You will LOVE learning her winning ways to your profit advantage.

Joint Venture Leader Board Secrets:

Insider Strategies to Get Fat Commission Checks, Massive Prizes, and Make a Huge Impact … Even If Your List is Small

This three-part virtual mastermind is available at You’ll benefit from blueprints and other tools to set you up to succeed as we have. We consistently score big for our partners to welcome the rewards, recognition and opportunities that come our way.You can, too, when you follow our proven advice — even if you are early along your journey, provided you are serious about earning success.

Everything gets so much better and easier when you know what to do. Jeanna and I will light your way in our own special way, and we’ll have a LOT of fun because that is why we got into business in the first place.

Have fun. Make money. One without the other is just not good enough. That’s OUR motto. What is YOURS? Are you in? Hope so!