I watch my blog traffic statistics pretty carefully, and I have noticed that two of the newspaper columns I wrote for the Puget Sound Business Journal have been very popular.   I posted the story links to Digg because I would love for even more publicity-seeking business owners around the nation and the world to read and benefit from them.

The articles are entitled, “The Do’s and Don’t’s of Responding to HARO Leads” and “What DIY Tasks Should You Do Yourself?”   You can find Digg links by searching it.  If you “digg” them, cast your vote to make these submissions even more popular so others can benefit.

DIY Publicity Tip:   Join Digg. Set up your profile and post your photo.  It takes just minutes. Then, post articles you’ve written that you think are just great there and ask people in your community to read them and decide whether or not they “Digg” them.   The more diggs the articles get, the better.

Like many of you, I continue to learn new skills to navigate the social media.  My intention is to bring my DIY publicity message to a wider audience of potential followers.  What is your intention to share your message, and which of the “hot” social media are you learning about and deploying to get the mission accomplished?  Either you jump in, or you sit on the sidelines.  Social media isn’t going away, so the choice is clear to me.    Come on in.  The water’s fine.