In Seattle, we've been enduring “Junuary” — which is that time of year when the Universe can't quite decide that summer has arrived. But something shifted yesterday, and the weather was warm, bright and glorious. Hurray. Now that the dog days of summer are almost here, why not make plans to get your DIY publicity machine in good order.

One of the most essential elements of your DIY publicity toolkit is your online press room, including your bio. If yours is boring, non-existent, or lost in cyberspace, make the commitment now to address that. After all, when the media come to call and ask for your photo, bio, and other background information to learn more about you and your company, it's just plain awkward to say that you haven't yet gotten around to it. Let me ease that pain for you this summer.

No More Boring Bios!

I'll be teaching three Winning Bio Writing Workshops this summer. Each session is limited to five business owners so I can provide plenty of personal attention. We'll cover the importance of an online press kit, and you'll leave the session with a business building website bio that will make you beam with pride and make it easier than ever to attract more of the right clients with greater ease. I'll listen carefully to your story and do just about all the heavy lifting with the pen for you. Prior event guests have marveled at my ability to get to the essence of what makes them special in the marketplace. Many have struggled for years to get to the point that would matter most to their customers and the media. Let me make it easy for you. The upcoming dates are June 27, July 25, and August 29. Sign up today.

stacyk_headshot2-web.jpgAnd, I'll be collaborating with Stacy Karacastas — the Marketing Junkie herself — to present a teleseminar about how to get known as the expert in your field on Thursday, June 26 during the noon hour (PST). I'll talk about the 15 ways you can get known as an expert in your field. I'll share real examples of how these methods have paid off for my clients and for me. And, I'll make it so easy for you to get started and realize results that you'll wonder why you waited so long! You won't want to miss this! Here is the link to make it easy to sign up. “See” you on the call!