So many consultants and experts are offering seminars and workshops to promote their events, and everyone is looking for high-value, high-impact ways to invite the right guests without breaking the bank.  As a publicist, I know plenty of ways to do that, and I am always on the lookout for new ways to get the job done for my own events and those of my clients.  Social media marketing is all the rage these days, so I do my share of experimenting to deliver results where I need them in my business.

biznikTo that end, this month I am putting BizNik to the test to promote my upcoming May 15 Publici-Tea™  Half-Day Workshop.  These Bellevue events typically serve up to 14 guests who pay a $297 fee to benefit from a half-day of DIY publicity tips, resources, ideas, and inspiration.  Today, a guest registered for the workshop at my BizNik event page.

Biznik attaches a $5 registration fee to event fees prices at $49 and below. Once the event fee hits $50 and above, there's an additional 3% transaction fee applied to the gross fee collected.  Bottom line – I'll keep $284.06 after Biznik applies this transaction fee.

Since Biznik is a very robust online social network and many of the members may not yet know about the training I offer, I know new potential event guests are reading about my events on this site beyond those who read this blog.  The site even tells me how many people have visited.  Guest by guest, buzz will continue to build, and it's a beautiful thing.  After all, few things delight me quite as much as sharing the Publici-Tea™ workshop information with perfect, qualified guests.

Since it's free to post the events to this site — aside from a few minutes of posting the event details — it's a good return on investment to have a guest sign up.  I just “cut and pasted” my event information from my DIY publicity store to my event page, and that was it.  How easy is that?

Now, lots of folks use BizNik to promote FREE events just for BizNik members, and that is certainly one way to use the service, connect with event guests, and build buzz for your offering.   Using BizNik to promote a fee workshop that is open to BizNik members and others is still another way. If you are a member of BizNik, take the event posting option out for a spin to invite the perfect guests to benefit from what you have to offer.

I've offered plenty of free workshops over the years, and I always enjoy connecting with great event guests and sharing tips and information from which they can profit.  What I've found is that event guests who invest time and a fee to benefit from course material, on-the-spot laser coaching, and other abundant and well-prepared resources are very likely to engage with the material, apply it to their benefit, and win in the marketplace.  That's the kind of event guest I want at my workshops because telling their Publici-Tea™ graduate success stories makes me proud, and their collective success fuels my own.

Here is the link to learn more about the May 15 Publici-Tea™ event I have posted to BizNik.  Only three seats are still open for this Friday's workshop, so act quickly to confirm your place.  I look forward to meeting you.