The Wall Street Journal reported last week that employees are spending an hour or more watching videos on the internet. While this is bad news for employers seeking optimal productivity from their team members, it does make me consider the power of video to capture attention, tell a story, and be of service. Employees and others are spending plenty of time on the social networking sites, as well. This gives me pause to consider how I can contribute in those venues to offer value and invite interest in how I serve others.

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I am a powerful advocate for covering the basics of publicity. That means telling a good story, getting it to the right people in a targeted way, earning an ongoing pattern of “ink and air,” and so on. I appreciate that it can be overwhelming to stay consistent with the basics, especially when the media world is changing so quickly and print media in particular struggle to stay relevant in the internet age. Plus, it is hard to ignore the pundits who compel us to wonder about the next big things — social media and video — as they take center stage.

If you are doing the basics well, why not take some of these new vehicles out for a spin and see what happens? That is what I am doing with the help of my social media and internet guide Michelle Price.

Carol Carini of Billabong TV filmed a two-part interview with me and Zita Gustin of Biz Talk with Zita about do-it-yourself publicity tips a few months ago. Carol then created nine mini video vignettes for Michelle to send to the video sites on the internet. Today, when you “Google” my name, a number of video references pop up, and they will reside on the internet indefinitely. That makes it easy for folks everywhere to benefit from the information and get a sense of who I am, what I am about, and where they can go to learn more. I expect more and more of those web references to pop up in the coming weeks as we send out the remaining eight videos.

Making it easy for people to read, hear, and experience the free publicity message is my intention. The end results I seek are:

  • New visits to the blog
  • New inquiries from business owners across the nation about the Authentic Visibility do-it-yourself publicity tools and Publici-Tea™ training
  • New opportunities to be of service as others get into action about getting seen, heard, and celebrated in their own backyards … and beyond through the power of free publicity.

We'll see what happens.

If you need someone to guide you along this journey, visit Michelle's blog and connect with her. She quips that she is hanging out on the edge of the internet by a rope, getting quickly up to speed about all the latest and greatest ways to serve others through social media savvy, video, blogging, and other means. She was the person who made me see the value and impact of having a blog, and she got my blog up and running in a winning way for its launch last September. My blog is among the best things I have done to expand my influence and be of service to others since I started my business in February of 2001.

I love publicity. Words are the currency I share with greatest abundance. Being technology savvy, however, isn't my genius. The good news is that I am not afraid to dig in and explore what is possible with the right guides to show me the way. If you need a guide, connect with Michelle Price and see what she can do to help you dig in and make the most of your visibility on the internet as you build your business.