Kevin Henry of the radio show Bellevue Today invited me to share useful DIY publicity tips on his radio show.  You can listen in with convenience and ease by clicking on this link.

He also offered me the opportunity to talk a little bit about the new Publici-Tea™-to-Go! Gift Bundles that help business owners build buzz and return a portion of net profits to the NW Hope and Healing Foundation.  Since I live and work in Bellevue, Kevin’s invitation to contribute to his program was quite welcome. I hope you’ll listen in.

In somewhat related news, I hosted with Susan Harrow the Grande Sized Publici-Tea™ Workshop last Frday from 12:30 – 5 p.m. for a group of 26 business owners, and I hosted the VIP Publici-Tea™ in the morning for 34 business owners from 9 – 11 a.m.  The fee to attend the afternoon session was $297 and included plenty of high value bonuses.  The fee to attend the morning session was $97 and included two high value bonuses.

This is just a gut feeling, but It seems that a shorter event packed with valuable information, tools, and connections for a more modest investment of time and money is something that resonates, now more than ever.   I am considering the creation of a Mini Publici-Tea™  Workshop to fill this need.

Does this idea resonate with you?  If you have a comment to share about this idea, I would be thrilled to receive it as I plan how best to be of service as we all make plans to navigate the current economy in the best possible way.   Thank you.