Publici-TeaWho you call to spread your news matters as much as the news itself when do-it-yourself publicity is the task at hand. I speak at the North Seattle Community College Network Breakfast this Friday, June 6 about how to pick the low hanging media fruit to create a fabulous local publicity basket. I’ll share some of the names and contact information for media contacts I value when earning “ink and air” for my clients is the essential task at hand. Visit this link to register, bring plenty of business cards, and don’t forget a pad to take notes. And, while you are there, you can take a closer look at the Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit, Authentic Visibility Tips Booklets, read about the June 13 Publici-Tea™, and treat yourself to these tools and the well reviewed half-day event to propel your own story forward. I’ll be offering the toolkit for sale at this event at a special, event-guest only low price, and I’ll offer tips booklets to at least one lucky event guest.

And, while you are planning your events for this Friday, June 6, why not make a day of it and attend theAlice Cunningham eWomenNetwork event in Everett to hear Olympic Hot Tub Company Co-Founder Alice Cunningham share essential lessons learned over 31 years of business success to catapult your own success forward? I read her speech yesterday, and it is fabulous. Come on along. Join in the fun and inspiration. Register today. It’s going to be great. Of that, I have no doubt.  I just finalized my own event registration moments ago.  See you soon, either at the North Seattle Community College Network Breakfast or the Everett luncheon meeting of the eWomenNetwork.