Oh, things are getting exciting around here.   We are putting the finishing touches on the second edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio to debut on 9-8-10, and I am convinced that this version is going to help a great many people at a time in our nation's economy when getting people back to work is priority one.

President Obama said that “today, our most urgent task is to restore our economy and put the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs back to work.”  He added that “in the days to come, it must be our central mission as a people and my central responsibility as president.”

Let's not forget that self-employment is a huge element in our nation's economy.  In Daniel Pink's best-selling book “Free Agent Nation” he wrote that there are some 25 million people engaged in some form of business start up across Main Street USA.  Those numbers have most certainly escalated over the last several years as so many people have left their traditional jobs or been shown the door, escaped from cubicle nation, or taken on freelance and consulting assignments to navigate the rocky waters of the Great Recession.

My contribution to lend support to this mission is a revised, updated, and much expanded 2nd edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio.  This comprehensive guide seeks to be the solopreneur's ultimate action guide to get seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for expert status.   Those who seek to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews will find this to be an invaluable tool.

teaser cover finalIf you would like a delicious taste of what this comprehensive workbook delivers, you can visit this link to download a 16-page excerpt.  It's a gift from me to you that you can enjoy and share with anyone you know who can benefit.   And, if you are a journalist or a blogger who serves solopreneurs, independent professionals, and business owners and others who are engaged in commerce as members of “Free Agent Nation” or “Freelance Nation,” I welcome requests for book reviews.

Speaking of which, did you know you can post queries to invite product and book reviews on Blogger Link Up?   It's easy to do.  Just sign up to benefit from this free service, prepare a write-up, make your submission, and specify your requirements.   My post ran this morning, and the book review requests are already coming in.

Here is the write-up I submitted:

Seeking Reviews – Bye-Bye Boring Bio Second Edition, Debuting 9-8-10!
Name: Nancy Juetten
Blog or Website URL: www.byebyeboringbio.com
Email: nancy@nsjmktg.com
What type of product are you offering for review?: e-workbook
What qualifies a blogger to review your product?: Bloggers and journalists who serve solopreneurs and business owners who want to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews are good candidates to review this e-workbook. If you welcome 100 or more unique visitors each day to your blog, all the better!
This e-workbook is on a mission to guide others to get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPENSATED for expert status, while banishing boring bios forever.   Let's hear from you to find out how well this book delivers what it promises!