Earlier this week, one of my Publici-Tea™ guests scheduled to attend this Friday's SOLD OUT (hurray!) workshop revealed an interest in learning how to get his DVD's sold at Target.  I was happy to refer him to Margie Zable Fisher, who literally wrote the e-book on that topic.   Today, I am happy to offer a guest blog post from Margie to shed a bit more light on the matter.  Take it away Margie.

Margie Zable Fisher

Why would you want to sell to Target? Well, of the 1,500 Target stores usually orders at least a half dozen products from each vendor — that’s at least 9,000 sales right out of the gate. Sounds like a pretty good reason, right?

Plus, Target is the place to sell any high design products – Targé (Tar-jé), as it is sometimes called, has a certain cache.

So how can you get a Target buyer interested in your product? Here are some ways that a Target buyer I spoke with finds new products:

Trade Shows

Do you skip exhibiting at trade shows because you think they’re a waste of time and money? Think again. Many Target buyers find new products at trade shows. It’s a great way for the buyers to see many products at one time.


For product companies, publicity provides a double-win:not only do you attract consumers willing to buy your product, but you also attract the attention of retailers who might want to sell your product.My Target buyer source tells me that reading about a great new product in a magazine or newspaper, seeing it on a TV show, or reading a favorable review about a new product online is a great way to get her attention.

Sales Reps

Large retailers like Target often work with professional sales companies that show them products that would work for them. All these sales companies do is sell to large retailers, so they have access to many buyers.

But there's a LOT more to it…

  • What criteria does Target look for in a product?
  • What financials do you need to know before approaching Target?
  • Will you manufacture or license your product?
  • When can you expect to be paid by Target?
  • How long is the process?
  • WHERE do you start?

Want Your Products to be Sold at Target? Read This!To learn my step-by-step formula for getting your products on the shelves of Target and skyrocketing your sales, see my Special Report, “How to Get Your Product on the Shelves at Target,” available here.

Margie Zable Fisher is the president of Zable Fisher Public Relations, and Publisher of Women Business Owners (WBO) Digest. Get fr.e.e Special Reports at www.zfpr.com and a fr.e.e issue of WBO Digest at www.wbodigest.com.

Thanks Margie for offering a solution for one of my workshop guests that I know will return great value in supporting his success with Target.

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