I met the founders of a company called Motivation in a Minute at the eWomenNetwork International Conference and Business Expo. I was impressed with the authenticity of the owners, even though we met for a very brief moment. I just had a sense they had something special to offer. When they followed up with a personal email after the conference, I was not disappointed.

The folks at Motivation in a Minute make short, inspiring videos, and they'd like them to travel around the world as they spread motivation in minutes. Sign up for their ezine and learn more.

In the meantime, because it's Friday and we all need a little reminder to remember what is important, I invite you to take two minutes to watch The Grumpy Movie. It's just wonderful. Here is the link. And these folks have plenty more to inspire you.

Next time you attend a networking function, see how bright your own authenticity can shine beyond the typical elevator pitch you've shared hundreds of times prior.   And send a personal follow up after the first meeting to see what win-win-win possibilities can manifest.  By doing so, you and your business will be well served.    And don't be grumpy.