Wed. June 11, 2014 "Bio Doc is In" Call with Nancy Juetten and Jennifer Beale

Tune in to Learn the 3 Biggest Bio Blunders Business Owners Make that Squash Their Credibility and Stop Clients from Hiring, Referring and Booking Them.

Nancy Juetten  Wed. June 11, 2014 "Bio Doc is In" Call with Nancy Juetten and Jennifer Beale

  • Are you offering too much of the wrong information in your bio and coming up short with the big results you crave in your business?
  • Have you relied upon one bio to suit every situation and find yourself without the bookings you desire and deserve?
  • Have you found the courage to speak your truth as the leading expert in your hometown, the USA, or the world?
  • Tune in to this session and get the straight skinny on how to change your story TODAY to attract clients, speaking gigs, media interviews, and door-opening joint venture partnerships.

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“Nancy Juetten is The Bio Queen.”

— Alex Mandossian

The World’s Leading Virtual Trainer to Virtual Trainers

Every aspiring expert needs a fabulous bio to invite opportunity, and just about everyone struggles describing what she does in a way that excites her and attracts more of the right opportunities to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews. This problem gets immediate relief when “The Bio Doc is In.”

Nancy “The Bio Doc” Juetten teams up with Jennifer Beale to choose from among the bios callers submit to them by email before the call and make them better with powerful teaching tidbits to benefit everyone who tunes in. Once your story is the BEST it can be, getting known and paid becomes your highest priority, and that is where the real fun begins!

About Nancy Juetten

Wed. June 11, 2014 "Bio Doc is In" Call with Nancy Juetten and Jennifer BealeBusiness Bio Expert and Get Known to Get Paid™ Mentor Nancy Juetten guides successful female business owners and a few really inspired men to spell out their greatness so they can Get Known to Get Paid.  Happy clients broadcast their brilliance with confidence, readiness, and ease so the right people can celebrate, invest, and benefit.

Called a “word wizard” by happy clients around the world, Nancy is well known for being the “go to” person for helping serious action takers elevate their success. Clients make their business bios better to attract more of the right clients and speaking engagements and build big buzz for  expertise via online marketing, publicity, and joint ventures. Best of all, they seek out and respond to the right opportunities like pros and bask in the light of their credibility, visibility, and expanding success.

Nancy has built a six-figure business in service to those who are serious about getting known and paid for the expert status they enjoy today.  Instead of waiting for the moment of perfection and readiness that always seems to be beyond their reach, Nancy’s clients are taking action now to welcome the benefits they crave and of which their expertise is so worthy.

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