Welcome Successful Woman Business Owner:


“Are You Interested in Expanding the Reach and Impact of Your Message and Not Quite Sure How?

  • You've already earned success in your business. And you know you can make an even bigger impact if you could get the word out to more of the right people.
  • Your reputation for your expertise is rock solid.  And the prospect of enjoying more influence, impact, and income intoxicates you.
  • You are called to lead groups, speak more, and leverage your new book to make a bigger difference.
  • The thing is, you want it to be a whole lot easier for opportunity to call your name because your people can easily find, refer, and hire you.
  • And you love the idea of being empowered to drive your own success by rolling up your sleeves to learn new skills that can add to your success for a lifetime.

If this sounds like YOU, I am so glad you found my site. Here you can learn how to get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPENSATED as the successful business owner you are today so you are forever in control over the  opportunities that will soon be calling YOUR name.

Whether you need to make your business bio better for client attraction, invite more of the right speaking engagements, build big buzz for your expertise via online marketing, publicity, and joint ventures, or get real expert support and messaging magic to ELEVATE YOUR SUCCESS, you'll find what you need right here. Best of all, you'll be ready to seek out and respond to the right opportunities like a pro and bask in the light of your credibility, visibility, and expanding success by being empowered to drive your own winning results for a lifetime.


— Nancy Juetten

Your Business Bio Expert and Get Known to Get Paid Mentor

Big Impact and Winning Results

 As a direct result of taking action on the lessons you learn from my Get Known to Get Paid expertise:

  • Your business bio makes a powerful, client-attracting first impression.
  • You learn how to build big buzz for your expertise through the power of publicity.
  • You attract new clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews with confidence and ease.
  • You learn how to become a sought after joint venture partner who makes a much bigger impact far more easily than ever before.
  • You are ready for opportunity whenever it knocks.

 “I won BIG credibility points with several of my clients, booked two paid speaking gigs, and got invited to share a blog post for a prestigious online executive leadership magazine as a direct result of the press release we sent over PR Newswire. My clients' egos love working someone who is in the media. Great retention strategy for me and a way for old clients to keep me top of mind.  Love it. Thank you Nancy.” 

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  Executive Leadership Consultant Sara Harvey Yao, Yao Consulting Group

“… The very week AFTER I started using my new bio, I landed on the cover of a local magazine with a spread inside.  They published my entire bio. I am beyond thrilled!!!!!”

Welcome Successful Woman Business Owner:

Shanna Tingom, Financial Adviser, Edward Jones

“When I started my work with Nancy, I was running my medical spa business full-time and doing well.  But I was called to write a book and speak to make a bigger difference through my work.  Within less than six months, Nancy guided me from the dream to create my bio, book manuscript, and get booked again and again as a speaker.  I started out charging $25 per gig and have raised my fees to $2500.  Best of all, my literary agent has enlisted interest in my book from nine big publishing houses.   When the student is ready, the right teacher appears.  Thank you Nancy.”

Welcome Successful Woman Business Owner:

 — Dr. Susan O'Malley, Author of If I Can Be A Doctor, You Can Be Anything, Founder of SonasMedSpa.com


The journey you are now taking is the journey I have traveled since the 2009 debut of my self-published book, Bye-Bye Boring Bio. In the dark days of The Great Recession, my award-winning boutique publicity agency fell on hard times. Recognizing that the responsibility for my success rested on my own shoulders, I wrote a book about how to make business bios better for client attraction. That spiral-bound workbook packed with time-saving and story-revealing worksheets and compelling “before and after” examples took on a life of its own. This information product and other companion elements I've created and sourced from stellar business experts along the way opened the door for me to make an even bigger impact as a speaker, workshop leader, and mentor to serious action takers who take responsibility and inspired action to create their own success.

By practicing my own Get Known to Get Paid advice, I have earned a worldwide reputation for my business bio expertise and the rewards that go along with that. My mission is to show you how to earn a stellar reputation for your expertise so you can get known and paid for your winning ways for the lifetime of your successful business.


The Rest of the Story and What Lies Ahead for YOU:

Today I run a successful, profitable business from a comfortable home office with the support of a part-time virtual assistant and a very cute dog named Champion.


Successful women business owners use with my products, programs, and mentoring programs to learn the skills they need to know to get known and paid for their expertise. It's rewarding to play a part in empowering the success of the fabulous and fascinating people I am fortunate to call my clients. I lead worldwide virtual teleseminars and webinars and speak from big stages in service to success seeking entrepreneurs to warm reviews. Invitations to collaborate, co-create, and play with some of leading joint venture partners flow my way to advance my own success and satisfaction.  

This Can Be YOUR Story, Too — Provided You Take Action to Make It Real

Heal Your Business Bio to Attract Clients and Cash Now

I'd like you to get to know, like and trust my expertise and apply it immediately to your expert advantage. Here is my invitation. Download your “Heal Your Boring Business Bio to Attract Clients and Cash Now” gift booklet.  You'll love the “before” and “after” story makeovers and get inspired to upgrade your own business bio for better client attraction right now.heal-your-boring-bio-cover-for-web (3)

Stay tuned to learn more about how I can support your quest to expand your reach and make a bigger impact as the successful woman business owner you are in the new ways that excite you and call you forward. I'd be honored to earn the opportunity to work together and welcome the compliment of your referrals.

It's Your Story. Tell It Well. Start Today.

Nancy Juetten

Your Business Bio Expert and Get Known to Get Paid Mentor and Your Champion to Guide You to Big Impact

P.S. If you already know you want to work with me, that is great news. Send me an email at nancy@authenticvisibility.com. We'll chat to determine your “perfect fit” way to get started.

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