If every week could be like this week for my clients in the media, I'd be a happy camper indeed.

Seattle ChocolateThe week started in an 8 a.m. phone call from a style editor at O Magazine, confirming that Seattle Chocolate Company's new Extreme Dark Truffle Bars with 100% of the net profits to benefit breast cancer charities will be photographed and featured in the October issue of the magazine. O Magazine! These products will soon be available at thousands of grocery stores across the nation, making it easy to treat yourself to delicious dark chocolate and give back to women who deserve a cure for breast cancer at the same time.

Then, I got word from The Gadget Guy himself that the Aqua Reader from the e-store at Olympic Hot Tub Company would be featured in a video segment to air in 20 major markets across the USA AND be featured on CBS This Morning this coming Saturday.

Yesterday, the Seattle Post Intelligencer ran a story about how candy sales are sweet even in a sour economy, and Seattle Chocolate Company CEO Jean Thompson provided commentary and sales data for the story.

Biscot-TeaAnd, today the Puget Sound Business Journal ran a great story about the business owner who created Biscot-Tea™ as a result of an “aha” moment he had while ordering tea at a local Starbucks. (Note, the full text is available to subscribers only, so if you are not yet a subscriber, buy a copy of the paper at better news stands around the Puget Sound region.)

I love the big ink because it helps my clients look big in the media and lends powerful momentum to their missions to bring more of what they offer to the nation.

Just for fun, here is an excerpt from the pitch I shared with the reporter in April with Puget Sound Business Journal Dierdre Gregg to bring Laurance Milner, founder and creator of Biscot-Tea™, to her attention. She connects with me from time to time to ask about interested local retail stories that might be a perfect fit for the paper:

This businessman who lives on the Eastside and who is originally from South Africa with 30 years in the food business walks into a Starbucks for a really good cup of Earl Grey tea. He asks the barista what he has in the bakery case for a died-in-the-wool tea drinker. Most of the items in the bakery case are too sweet to be a perfect complement for tea. That was Laurance Milner's “aha” moment. He then created Biscot-Tea™ — English shortbread made from the essence of real tea. This is fast growing into a $1 million dollar business. Milner was an award-winner at the Fancy Food Show earlier this year for his latest innovation. The products can be found at better grocery stores around town and beyond. He is proof positive that great ideas are waiting, right under our noses if we just have the insight to see the opportunity and act. You can learn more at www.biscot-tea.net.

The funny thing is, he learned about my Publici-Tea™ events and said that his product and my event would be perfect partners. He was right! Now, I serve Biscot-Tea™ at all of my events, and there are never any leftovers.

This brief pitch gets to the “why we should care” part of the story in a way that enlists interest. It is conversational in tone, and it is clear I prepared this message specifically for this reporter. I called out how this product earned major industry honors at a prestigious trade show. I hinted at the significance of his sales growth with real numbers. And, please note that I made the pitch in April, and the story debuted in July. This proves that good stories are worth the wait. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare winning pitches for influential members of the media who have the power to take your story far and wide.

And, if you want to taste Biscot-Tea, register for the August 15 or September 12 sessions of the Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshops. Visit www.publici-tea.com to read the fabulous comments from prior event guests and register for the date that works perfectly for you. I can't wait to learn more about how you contribute to the marketplace so we can craft the perfect pitch to bring your story into the media spotlight.

Happy Independence Day.