Lots of people are interested in the 10-12 teleclass with Small Business Coach James Roche.  If you have not yet registered, here is the link to make that easy.  And, questions are coming my way about how specifically James has helped me grow my business.  Since the call on 10-12 has a pretty set agenda packed with content that you'll love,  I am going to share some of those benefits here at the blog.  If you have more questions, bring them on!

A Facebook friend asked me the #1 and #2 things James Roche has helped me accomplish this year in my business.

Gosh, just #1 or #2 when there have been so many benefits.  Well, let me say this about that.

The #1 thing James helped me do was set up a strategic marketing funnel that would guide my clients to engage and then move up the food chain to engage more deeply.  Getting them to engage in a product that they were actually ready to pay money for was the big “aha.”  The Bye-Bye Boring Bio program I created a little over one year ago solved a very specific problem that solopreneurs everywhere were eager to solve and pay money to address.  This is a simple, yet very important idea.

With James' input, I created a family of offerings that built on this tool, including a more comprehensive DIY publicity success system that now features attractive and branded packaging, a Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshop to enable me to leverage my expertise over larger groups, the creation of the Extreme Bio Makeover service through which I write bios for clients who don't or can't do it themselves.  I also added Build YOUR Buzz strategy sessions for clients who want to go even deeper in their work with me to both prepare and share their stories.

And, of course, there were all kinds of nitty-gritty improvements James helped me make, like upgrading the copy and appearance of my sales pages, finally setting up effective autoresponders, and finally gaining the courage to host my own teleseminars. He was able to answer my basic how-to questions and the more advanced kinds of issues that were on my mind.

Because James has been down this road for a long while, I could trust his track record and advice.   James' commitment to adding value with every call was apparent.

One of my biggest issues was getting control over my time and my life. Fee for service PR can be tough. News happens when it happens, and that can create chaos for family life and balance.  I noticed that James scheduled his strategy sessions on a specific day of the week.   What a concept!

Now, I hold Extreme Bio Makeover and Build Your Buzz Strategy Session appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays and can work in the other activities that sustain my business on the other days. This is a huge lifestyle improvement for me and my family that is priceless beyond measure.

I could go on and on about why working with James has been among my best ever business decisions. I recommend him without hesitation.

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