Berry ZimmermanBerry Zimmerman, a Profit Mastery® workshop facilitator and owner of BizEnrich, conducts workshops in the Pacific Northwest and provides strategic business development guidance for small- and medium-sized businesses. He purchased a Authentic Visibility Publicity eToolkit before midnight last night, so he will soon be sipping tea from his very own Prosperi-Tea cup as my special gift.  And, since he lives and works in Bellevue, I am delivering his gift to him personally as we sip tea and ponder how to enrich our businesses and our lives.  How is that for personal service?

Speaking of which, while attending the sold-out  Total Networking event organized by Score More Sales’ Gayle Hallgren-Rezac & Judy ThomsonLori Richardson and friends at Qwest Field last Friday night, I was heartened to learn that my concern over how disconnected we all have become is not my concern alone.  Gayle Hallgren-Rezac & Judy Thomson — co-authors of ‘Work the Pond’ — brought this point alive while describing a situation not uncommon among business travelers today. They said that between noise canceling headphones, ear buds, and other technology, airline passengers often travel across the country and the world without speaking a word, while sitting shoulder-to-shoulder and sometimes on overnight flights.  They said we’ve taken being connected to the extreme, and we are missing out on quality personal connections that are literally within reach.

That’s why I really look forward to connecting personally with Berry Zimmerman over a really good cup of tea.  We’ve met each other briefly at a couple of networking events, and how he serves the marketplace has my interest in a big way.  Visit his website to learn if engaging a Profit Mastery workshop facilitator is what your business needs to enrich its bottom line.

This leads me to issue a networking challenge for this week.

  • What single thing can you do this week to advance a new business connection?
  • Can you call someone on the phone to thank them for their business or offer a tip from which they can certainly profit?
  • Can you send a hand-written card to acknowledge someone’s birthday?
  • Can you forward by email a HARO lead that is perfect to showcase one of your best vendors, colleagues, or co-collaborators?
  • Can you spend a bit more time than your client was expecting to deliver even more impact for the investment made through your work together?
  • Can you talk to the person on your next airline flight and find out the single thing that gave the “wow” to their week?   (This tip comes from Savvy Networker Zita Gustin).

If you continue to keep others at arm’s length, you just might find that your boldest intentions for your business will remain well beyond your grasp.  That is certainly food for thought in challenging economic times such as these.