Clients buy on their own timetables and not on yours.
That’s why it’s IMPERATIVE, CRUCIAL, AND ESSENTIAL to get visible for your expertise so you can welcome a steady stream of leads, consults, and opportunities that can create opportunities to nurture new potential clients to become invested clients.
Your visibility is within your own control when you take inspired actions to elevate your own star on the rise. That is immensely empowering.
Consider how long your clients were in the nurture process as they enjoyed your ezine, live trainings, consult calls, direct messages, and other efforts before they finally decided to invest wisely in your services.
Not everyone buys today. Some need more time to come to a place of trust to make the leap.
Where are your current clients coming from, and how will that insight inform what you do next?If you have a small business with a treasure chest of amazing clients, reflect upon how these amazing people come into your world in the first place.
>> Did they first hear from you on a podcast?
>> Did they hear you speak during your own weekly live show?
>> Did they meet you first when you participated as an expert on a telesummit, webinar, a conversion event of your own, or some sort of free giveaway?
>> Did they hear you speak on the platform of someone you know such as a Joint Venture partner, fellow member of a group mastermind, or a colleague you are connected with through an organization to which you belong such as eWomenNetwork, Toastmasters, or some other highly targeted industry group of colleagues and potential clients?
>> Were they a prior happy client who felt compelled to invest even more deeply in your services?
>> Regardless of where they heard you first, were they inspired to download your free gift or book a consultation with you?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, decide today to find out.  Otherwise, how can you possibly make smarter moves going forward?Where are your current clients coming from, and how will that insight inform what you do next?

Case Study from the Trenches of My Own 2021 Experience:
This year, I got serious about speaking up about podcast guesting for good and profit because it was a relevant, timely, and of service way to make an impact and also enroll new clients to my favorite way to serve — the Broadcast Your Brilliance Boot Camp.
I have since delivered some version of this training 9 times since January 21 on other people’s platforms with 3 more gigs coming up very shortly.
The first virtual speaking invitation came from a prior client who asked me to develop a talk on this topic for the small business entrepreneurship center at a community college. It was a paid gig, and I went deep to craft a training that would deliver value beyond expectations.
Then, two members of my Facebook group nominated me to deliver the talk for a distinguished group of Toastmasters International. That performance invited a prestigious spin off engagement to address another distinguished group of Toastmasters.
The rest came as a result of “the snowball effect.”
One good thing contributed to another, and momentum started to build.
Good karma, the laws of reciprocity, and showing up in service are all factors to keep the good energy and results flowing.
  • Paid gig from a prior happy client.
  • Referral from two engaged Facebook group members
  • Sharing the information within my own Facebook community as a conversion event
  • Interview swap with a Joint Venture partner
  • Referral from a new client
  • Referral from a service provider I met through a paid mastermind.
  • Repeat engagement from referral from the same service provider
  • Referral from a former client, colleague, and friend
  • Invitation from an engaged Facebook group member to contribute to her own launch event as an expert guest
Here’s the BIG IDEA I want you to take away from all of this.
The people already in your network can be a tremendous source of championship and support for the work you are doing. They can open doors for you to give great value and show up as the expert you are.
This happens when you take an “arms wide open” approach to give and receive value and build powerful, of-service relationships that can bring win-win-win outcomes.
Each and every one of these VIRTUAL speaking gigs has created a strong and steady stream of new leads for my business.
Here’s the best part.

Where are your current clients coming from, and how will that insight inform what you do next?

>> The right people always invest wisely to go deeper because they have already experienced great value from a generous sharing of expertise.The bridge of trust is real. They know what they are getting and feel inspired to want to invest in themselves to get even more value.

I podcast guest to reach people BEYOND those who already know me so I can create new leads and invite consultations to serve in the ways that light me up. I also come on LIVE within my own community weekly and during regularly scheduled conversion events so I can invite new clients to get on board. I’ve been a guest on scores of podcasts this year as a direct result of my pitching efforts and from spin off engagements I’ve welcomed from satisfied listeners who had podcasts of their own. This podcast guest spot was the triggering event that brought three perfect clients my way in short order. If the bridge of trust is established through your authentic delivery and the implied endorsement from your host, the results can be that fast.
Because clients buy on their own timetables and not on yours, it’s important to work all three legs of the speaking stool so you can show up, serve, and get known for your own brilliant expertise.
>> Speak to your own community.
>> Speak on the platforms of others at their invitation.
>> Speak on podcasts.
It’s the COMBINATION of these efforts that puts a halo around your name and expertise.That makes it appear as if you are everywhere your ideal clients gather.
One good thing leads to another, and you have a whole lot more influence and control over your lead flow, the number of consults on your calendar, and how much business you bring in.
>> What actions will you take to get more visible in front of the right people to benefit most from your expertise?
>> If you know you need expert support, accountability, and how-to guidance and resources to create your best impact, it’s not too late to join the Broadcast Your Brilliance Boot Camp that started on June 9.  Reach out for a VIP Chat today to make sure this is a perfect fit and you are ready to lean in and do the work.
>> I’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure your star rises and your results flow as a direct result of the inspired actions you take to make it happen.