Michelle Price has been a tremendous resource in launching my presence in the blogosphere, and I am so grateful for her expertise. I know many others are giving serious thought to launching a blog, yet unclear about where to start.

From my perspective, the first step is to connect with an expert who can get the job done while serving your interests in a winning way. Michelle is that person for me. Literally dozens of people have told me over the last couple of years that I needed to launch a blog. It wasn’t until Michelle took a genuine interest and explained how it would serve me that I felt compelled to make the leap.

Michelle believes that the Internet is the Law of Attraction in action. “When you find what you want based on the right words, it is very powerful. As you refine your search words, you get better and better information. The World Wide Web is a place where you can activate the Law of Attraction in a specific way to bring you the people you most want to work with.”

That is a big idea. How many times have you lamented that you just want more of the right clients to show up? The blog helps ease that pain. As you show up in an authentic way via your blog posts, you immediately attract more of the right people and have more opportunities to do more of what you love. In the first 20 days, my blog traffic has surpassed the traffic at my traditional website, and that site has been “live” since March of 2005!

Michelle offers many qualities that making working with her a pleasure. She is strategic. She loves to maximize things that are already working. She has fabulous ideas. Michelle relates to people in an extraordinary, genuine way. And, once goals for a project are established, she gets into action to create winning results.

Michelle believes that a blog gives you traction in the marketplace and leverages what you are in the world. She wants to work with women who have developed products or those who are action oriented and ready to go. Nothing makes her happier than to illuminate a strength and take an an expert and find what makes them most marketable. She says, “I have an uncanny ability that people can’t see themselves. I get such a kick out of doing it. I love working with authors and information product creators. Books should be worth thousands of dollars for the impact they have. These products have the potential to change lives. I operate naturally in a mode of contribution to others.”

Michelle is now co-blogging with Michelle Anton at the Weekend Entrepreneur blog and will be expanding the conversation to include information product creators. You’ll want to visit today and often to get to know her fabulous point of view.

She has – and continues to be — a powerful force in advancing my success, and I am so grateful. If you’d like to learn more, visit Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workbook. And, when you launch your own blog, tell me where I can find it and how Michelle made the difference!