bigshift-streak-2012-new style-seats-smThis last year has been a huge year of big leaps and bounds of growth in my business.   It all started when I said YES to investing in myself through a coaching program called The Big Shift.   I attended a three-day event called The Big Shift Experience to benefit from a fabulous weekend of rich content, deep learning, and “aha” moments relating to getting my business model in better shape to deliver sustainable impact for clients and solid rewards for me.   One year later, this is my reality.

For those of you who have wondered what the secret sauce is that has contributed to shifts in my mindset and wonderful results in my business, it's Bill Baren.   He's hosting a three-day Big Shift Experience in San Francisco March 23 – 25, and he has just 25 seats still remaining for conscious business owners who are serious about making their own big shifts in their businesses and lives.  I'll be attending with my husband Steve Juetten, who is completing his second year in this program.  Is he having similar success?   Yes.  Absolutely.  We are both big Bill Baren fans.

So if creating a business model in service to your ideal clients, earning rewards for delivering your impact, and living a life that is less scattered, more focused on “the big rocks” and more rewarding in every way is on your priority list, check out what Bill has planned for this special weekend.   I hope to see you there!

Here the link to learn more and claim one of the last remaining 25 spaces.