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I've been a Get Known Get Paid mentor for many years and have worked with many clients who are in start up mode.

What I've noticed is that clients have a bright idea for a new business and are super excited about creating an awesome website to serve as their internet front door.

The trouble with this is that sometimes, folks can spend months obsessing about their mission, message, purpose, products, programs/services and their bios — even before they welcome their first sale.

They spend lots of money scheduling branding photo shoots in exotic locations, hiring expensive web designers, and so on.

To me, it can be like putting the cart before the horse.

It's one thing to have a beautiful website with all the bells and whistles.

It's another to have a product, service or a program that has already welcomed sales so you can justify making the investment of time and money to create the site in the first place.

That's why when it came time to give our newest start up wings to fly, we started FIRST by attracting sales, proving our concept, and further improving our product so we could feel even more confident around our mission, message, purpose, products, and services.

For Life Goes On Roadmap™, the last two years have been all about that.

Being a practical, fiscally responsible sort, I was inspired to create our new website for Life Goes On Roadmap™ myself, using the free and fabulous templates provided by Constant Contact.

In a few hours on a Friday morning, I was able to re-purpose images, content, sales pages, and more to create a brand new internet front door.

Over the next few days, I did some tinkering to make improvements.

What did we do before launching the website?

  • We used LeadPages to bring in leads for my new business. This page in particular has been working really well for us as we've used Facebook advertising to drive traffic and leads. The page converts from click to lead at 34%!
  • We found ways to make the website I had do ‘double duty' for my existing business and the new one we were starting.  For example, we created sales pages that could live on my existing platform as opposed to starting something brand new before my concept was proven.
  • We delivered training via Instant Teleseminar and BeLive.TV to serve our growing subscriber base.
  • We connected with potential clients and licensees of our system at major trade shows where we could look into the eyes of real people to gauge how well our solution solves real problems that need serious relief.
  • We kept talking to clients and prospects in person as much as possible so we could find out which messages resonate and which ones that don't. (And we keep doing that.)

With all that learning under our belts, creating the new website was surprisingly fast and simple.

New visitors are already flowing our way — just in time for holiday gift giving!

Why did we wait so long to create a REAL website for our start up?Check out the new site for Life Goes On Roadmap™. 

I'm glad we waited to debut this site until our message, offers, and systems were set up and proven with happy clients who sing our praises.

Now, we can see about expanding the reach of our message so we have the opportunity to touch and transform more lives.

Onward we go as we grow!