Words are my favorite currency, and I've been reflecting a bit on my favorites — especially when it comes to showing up and loving my life and work the most.  Among the words I love most are noted below, matched with their opposite.   My intention is to have these words be TRUE for how I show up everywhere I go and in all that I do.

I encourage you to list YOUR favorite words, brainstorm their opposites, and commit to showing up as YOUR favorite words.   These words can also show up in your bio, web copy, and other marketing collateral elements to speak your truth. 

For the word wizards who are reading this, I think you'll find this fun.  For everyone else,  dig in and make an attempt.   Better yet, ask your best clients what words they use to describe you.  There is story gold there, and when you weave those words into your marketing materials, your message will ring loud and true.  Best of all, your message will help extend a golden lasso around the people you here to help with your work in the world.   Try it and see how well it works. 

Personal versus impersonal

High touch versus high tech

Being versus doing

Allow versus push

Simple versus complex

Invite versus agitate

Easy versus hard

“The Real Deal” versus imposter

Flow versus stuck

Clarity versus confusion

Engage versus repel

True versus false

Real versus fake

Specific versus generic

Memorable versus forgettable