If you love musical theater, chances are that you’ve been missing out on all your favorite live performances since the pandemic hit.  That means musical performers are sitting on the sidelines far more than they want to, when they would rather perform than do just about anything else.

That’s why I asked my very talented nephew Z Hansen to have a little fun singing a parody of the song “Popular” from the Broadcast musical “Wicked.”  Only in this case, I re-wrote the lyrics to be all about visibility from podcast guesting.

Give this performance a listen.  And if you find yourself in need of talent to bring attention to something special you have brewing, think of this talented young man as someone who can bring magic to your initiative.

If you’ve not yet registered for the Podcast Visibility Live Lab, this link makes it easy to claim your place. All the magic starts on Monday, June 6 – 14, 2022 at 11 a.m. Pacific.

Musical Theater Artist Z Hansen Performs a Parody of "Popular" to Create Excitement for Podcast Visibility Live Lab Starting June 6, 2022