Announcing a Special Publici-Tea™ Express Subscription Offer for the Puget Sound Business Journal

If you do business in the Puget Sound region, chances are you would like one day to read about your business within the pages of the Puget Sound Business Journal.   The best way to start is to make a practice of reading the paper every week, following the reporters who write about your industry, and paying attention to the news, trends, and news makers in our own backyard.  When you gain familiarity with the newspaper format and focus, you soon figure out how to frame your stories in ways that will be of interest to the editorial decision makers.

  • Do you have a “Growing Your Business” story that showcases powerful lessons from which other business owners can profit?
  • Is your business succeeding in demanding economic times, when others are faltering?  This could be a “Counter Current” story.
  • Do you have breaking news to report that business leaders will want to read about first within the pages of this authoritative, quality weekly business journal that reaches business decision makers?
  • Do you have a contributed article to submit that can add value to upcoming special sections in development for commercial real estate, investment and finance, or some other focus area?

psbj-square-logo no tagReading the paper is the first step toward gaining understanding about how to pitch your stories properly.  Here is some welcome news.  By special arrangement with the Puget Sound Business Journal, readers of this DIY publicity blog now qualify for a 20% discount on their subscriptions.  We are calling this the “Publici-Tea™ Express” discount.  Plus, those who take advantage of the subscription offer also receive the Book of Lists — a $60 value — to guide their prospecting,  job search efforts, fund raising efforts, and more with impact and efficiency.  Click here to take advantage of this offer.
Remember, the best way to get seen, heard, and celebrated in the media is to first pay attention to the media that matter most for your message.   Start with a subscription to the Puget Sound Business Journal today.