I often say that one good thing leads to another, and here is another example of that.

About three years ago, I wrote an article for a local trade journal called Marketing. The title was, “Winners Get More Than Trophies,” and it went into detail about the business and buzz building advantages of entering and winning award contests that are well supported by the media. Yesterday, I received an email from Dan Lane who said he read the column a couple of years ago, liked it, kept it, and wanted to have me speak about it at a November 28 gala event to celebrate award winners for the local chapter of the International Association of Printing House Craftsmen (IAPCH).

On November 28, I'll address the audience about the publicity impact to be enjoyed for winning industry awards. And, Dan has decided to share the Authentic Visibility Publicity Tips Booklets with every event guest as a parting gift. I am thrilled with invitation and the opportunity. One good thing does lead to another.

If you'd like to offer Authentic Visibility Publicity Tips Booklets to your event guests or share them with your small business customers, here is a link to learn about quantity discounts: Tips Booklets Customized Orders

These tips booklets can be customized with your logo on the cover and your brand promises and contact information inside. What a great way to support the success of your clients and keep your name and contact information center stage all year long as recipients benefit from the useful do-it-yourself publicity information inside!