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Authentic Visibility tips booklets offer 147 powerful, proven ways to get seen, heard, and celebrated in your own backyard and beyond through the impact and credibility of free publicity. Vol. 1 offers 97 powerful ways to profit from free publicity. Vol. 2 offers 50 powerful publicity boosters to build your business. Together, they pack a punch for guiding winning publicity results.

  1. Buy non-customized booklets in large quantities.
    Quantity Price/Booklet Total Investment
    1,000 $2.50 $2,500
    2,500 $2.25 $5,625
    5,000 $1.90 $9,500
    10,000 $1.75 $17,500

    BONUS – Buy both volumes in quantities of 5,000 or more and enjoy a 3% discount!

  2. Buy customized booklets in large quantities.
    Apply your one-color logo on the front and/or back cover, along with your one-color text message on the inside front and/or the inside back cover for just $200 more, no matter how many you order.
  3. Buy super customized booklets in larger quantities.
    Do you want four-color booklets, product photography, and customized text featured within your booklets? Let's talk about what you need and arrive at a price that makes sense.
  4. Eager to purchase more than 10,000 copies?
    A licensing deal might work best. Let's talk about it.

All prices are plus shipping and handling and applicable state sales tax.

Quantity Pricing Options Quantity Pricing Options


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