Broadcast Your Brilliance – Elevate Your Message to Attract Better Clients


Attention Business Owners:

Is It Time to Broadcast YOUR Brilliance and Elevate Your Marketing Message to Attract Even Better Clients?

Coaches, authors, and speakers will never get known and paid until they can name, claim, share, and sell what they bring to market.
Welcome to the best training for business owners serious about elevating their marketing messages to attract better clients now.
We start by creating your magnetic, client-attracting message. Then, we learn to BROADCAST YOUR BRILLIANCE to unleash the power of your message via email marketing, lead generation, speaking, publicity, and joint venture partnerships.
The aim is for you to get known and paid for doing the work you are gifted to provide.  Won’t it be wonderful when you finally and forever have the control to influence your big success as a direct result of this training and ongoing expert support?
Feeling relieved already?  Good!  It just gets better from here.

Our Next LIVE “Magic Message Lab” is Wed., March 2, 2016. Say YES to this training so you can join us!

Broadcast Your Brilliance - Elevate Your Message to Attract Better Clients

biodocAlmost 1000 business owners — coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, and healers — over the last 12 months continue to RAVE about how they are seen, heard, and helped to create THEIR best marketing messages.  They invite more credibility, visibility, and new and lucrative engagements during this live and self-paced training packed with content, COACHING, and community.  With YOUR inspired action, you can join them.

This is your golden opportunity to IGNITE YOUR COURAGE and magnetize your message to attract the clients you love to serve.

When you take action on what you learn, you will earn return on your modest investment with the first client you attract with your well-crafted, authentic, client-attracting message. Then, let the abundance flow for good and profit for the lifetime of your successful business as you attract clients again and again!

Broadcast Your Brilliance - Elevate Your Message to Attract Better Clients

Your Elevate Your Marketing Message Adventure Starts Here.

You will be guided step by step to create your head-turning marketing message and bio to support your goal to attract clients. You will welcome unwavering support that feels so welcome, especially if you have been struggling on your own to do this until now.

Step 1: Craft and Master Your BEST Marketing Message

Spend an afternoon on a guided audio journey with me as your expert guide. Reflect on who you are, who you serve, the value you bring, the “why” around your mission, and the stunning decisive results you bring about for clients fortunate enough to work with you. As you are guided through the handouts and illuminating exercises and hear me support callers just like you with challenges that may be similar to your own, you will get YOUR best client attracting story done so it can be a hard-working and results generating client attraction tool for you and your growing business again and again forever.

As you make progress, notice how your confidence grows as the powerful proof of your own experience and true value spills onto the page.  Your impact is clear and inviting to your ideal client at first glance.  And you FEEL it in your own bones, too.



Your Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, engaging, and content-rich action guide packed with articles, road-tested templates and abundant bio examples organized by profession that make writing bios for the web, social media, speaking, and the media a breeze. This popular, proven, and well-reviewed program gives introverted entrepreneurs and others who struggle with writing about their accomplishments cause for MORE EASE, grace, pride, and celebration.
Your coveted Brilliant Bio Now Template for Premium Client Attraction plus nine others will make writing your bios for speaking, social media, and media interviews faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible. Your road-tested and proven tools, templates, and handouts deliver to your inbox as soon as you enroll. Apply the lessons within to get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPEN$ATED for your expert status.

Step 2:  Get Expert Marketing Message Support During 6 “Magic Message Labs” with Me from Wherever You are in the World.


Enjoy LIVE personal mentoring every month for six glorious months.

This is almost like private coaching in an intimate group call setting.

I want to ensure that you get the support you need.

That is why I am showing up at my best for you for a mega call to deliver the marketing magic and how-to explanations you need. Get my best suggestions around how to use your new bio to attract clients, speaking gigs, media interviews, joint venture partnerships, and more.

If you feel stuck in story struggle and message muddle, ask for help during the call and engage in the PRIVATE Magic Message Lab Facebook Group to find the right words to speak your most compelling, client-attracting truth and receive your “Better Message Booster Shot” in perfect timing.

When you love your new message and have big celebrations of your own to count in your bank account, send the “before” and “after” my way, I just might see, hear, and celebrate your transformation on my blog, via social media, or in a future ezine for the world to see!

Convenience and Reinforcement: Replays of all calls are provided so you can tune in and roll up your sleeves to ACCESS THE LEARNING wherever you are in the world in whatever time zone that happens to be YOUR zone of brilliance.

The bio is just the beginning. What comes next is SHARING YOUR STORY in all the best ways to get known and paid.

Step 3:  Learn to SHARE YOUR Marketing Message

This is when the self-paced Get Known to Get Paid training kicks in.


Session 1: Your Six Figure Niche


with Special Guest Start-Up Expert Tommi Wolfe

If you struggle declaring your niche, tune in to one of the most gifted strategists I know to show you how you can declare yours with confidence and make it pay off for your growing business.

  • Why you must choose a niche
  • The top 10 reasons to niche
  • How to get unstuck
  • How to identify your “Plus” factors
  • Choosing your target market
  • Figuring out what sets you apart
  • Creating your powerful marketing message
  • Your copy of Niche Secrets — the workbook and the audio file to claim your profitable niche — are included!

Session 2: Bye-Bye Boring Bio

How to Write a Bionic Bio or Speaker Sheet or BOTH that Speaks Your Wow Right Now and Gets Your Phone to Ring
A great bio sets you apart from your competitors, establishes your credentials, and invites people to lean in and want to do business with you. If yours is a snoozer, it’s time for a makeover.Bye-Bye-Boring-Bio-PLUS6

  • First, declare who you serve, why it matters, and learn why “naming your people” is so essential. Nancy will guide you through the process of figuring this out, once and for all.
  • If you are a speaker, learn how to share your WOW in a way that turns heads and invites engagements now.
  • Learn the ABC’s of bio writing so you can transform bio blunders into door openers.
  • If you already have a bio for your website. blog, or book cover, give attention to your speaker sheet, media attracting bio, or teleseminar packet for this segment of the course. Not all bios are suitable for all situations, and you want to be 24/7 ready for all great opportunities.
  • Steeping Hot Seats: Bios transformed to biz and buzz building advantage! Learn from these powerful examples to make your own story better.
  • Get inspired to create your own head turning story.
  • Bye-Bye Boring Bio PLUS is included so the templates to make this fast and easy and the tips to build your buzz big time are yours forever!

Session 3: How to Pitch an Article


…the Media or Anyone of Influence Can’t Resist!

If you could learn how to send an email to an influential reporter with a story idea that can’t wait a moment longer, what impact could that have on awareness and visibility for your business and your message?

  • Learn the 5-Star recipe to earn media attention just about every time.
  • Discover how to create and pitch YOUR story with impact and pizazz so reporters and palpitating to learn more based on YOUR story.
  • Find out how to find the right reporter to share YOUR good news, including useful resources to make it easier than ever.
  • What is a reverse query? And how can one serve YOU? Answers revealed!
  • Get the inside skinny on how to get dressed and ready for interviews and other close encounters of the influence-building and money-making kind.
  • Benefit from more “Steeping Hot Seats” to help you pitch your story in perfect timing.

Session 4: Press Releases


That Pay Off in Today’s Digital Age with Special Expert Guest Dan Janal

If you’ve been taking the “spray and pray” approach to sending your news to the media, this session shows you a better way to create press releases that deliver the “ink and air” you seek.

  • Discover the nuts and bolts to building a press release that earns the “ink and the air”
  • Learn the two biggest mistakes to avoid if you want your storytelling efforts to pay off.
  • Learn about useful and free tools to upgrade your headlines and copy so you can show up like a pro.
  • Get the inside skinny about the free versus the paid wire services and when either or both make sense.
  • Have an event coming up and need to get “butts in seats.” Tune in to learn some effective and time-saving ways to spread the good news.
  • Love to write articles? Learn how to make them pay off with visibility that packs a punch.

Session 5: Grabbing Media Attention


Essential And Practical Tools That Get You Quoted and In The Spotlight

It’s one thing to earn an interview. It’s another thing to deliver your message in a winning way that showcases your perspectives and makes you show up like a rock star.

  • Discover how to respond to reporter queries that get you quoted.
  • Write headlines for your articles and press releases that pack a punch and tell a story in short order. Develop soundbites that must go into every media interview.
  • Master the do’s and don’ts of every media appearance.

Session 6: How to Earn a Reputation as a Rock Star Joint Venture Partner, Even if You’re Just Starting Out


with Special Expert Guest Tom Buford


Let’s talk about how to earn a reputation as a Rock Star joint venture partner – even if you are just starting out!

  • This is the single more powerful strategy to grow your influence, impact, and income.
  • Discover how to position yourself to share your message by teleseminar, webinar, or live again and again and again with luminaries with huge influence to reach even more of the people you are here to serve with your gifts.
  • Learn how to earn fat commission checks, massive prizes, and make a huge impact right out of the gate.
  • Now what? Next steps to take, step by step, to pave your path to authentic visibility, buzz, respect, and new business!


What Clients and Luminaries Are Saying….

“Nancy Juetten is the Bio Queen”
“Six months ago I joined Nancy’s Magic Message Lab, and boy, I’m so glad that I did. muellerBecause of Nancy’s gentle guidance, unwavering encouragement and insightful feedback, we accomplished so much more than I ever could have imagined. So much, so that we also decided to work with Nancy privately. We now have a bio that we’re thrilled with, a proprietary system for our upcoming program, a free opt-in gift and lead page that is finally up and working, and a sales page for our upcoming program that is good to go! If you have been “on the fence” about working with Nancy, I highly recommend that you take the plunge. You’ll be glad that you did!
~ Bette Friedlander, Blissfully Married
“I loved working with someone so gifted and willing to help.”mueller “Nancy Juetten is a bit of a WIZARD. She has an uncanny ability to listen or read your bio & course description and instantly improve it. She helped me edit my Opt In Page & Free Offer. I loved working with someone so gifted and willing to help. I’m now far better able to communicate what I do and get better response because I leave the boring stuff out. She highlights the value in your offer so that others ‘get it.’ If you are thinking of working with Nancy, just do it knowing you will get fabulous results.”
~ Marilyn K. Miller
Nancy Jonker“What sets Nancy Juetten’s program apart from others is the personalized attention she gives. There are countless online courses that take you through identifying your ideal client, but most leave the refinement stage to you. Not so with Nancy Juetten! She interacts — refining and polishing – creating a work of art that we could not produce on our own. She truly is a word wizard and she generously lends her wizardly skills to each of us in turn. So far, this has been a priceless investment!”
~ Nancy Jonker,
Beverley Anderson“I am absolutely delighted with the personal support from Nancy. Having been a member of other coaching groups and in some cases investing more money, I didn’t get the result I had hoped for. The sheer amount of energy and input from Nancy at such an early point has already helped me to become much clearer about my preferred niche and I’m almost there with nailing my short bio. In fact I updated my new programme description to reflect my new bio and I was able to confidently turn away a potential client who didn’t match the description I was looking for. On the other hand, within a few minutes I attracted another client who was a perfect match. She sent me an email and shared these exact words: ‘If your Mastermind Circle is for people who are serious and ready to take their businesses forward then this is the right group for me.’ Thank you Nancy for your genuine and inspirational support!”
~ Beverley Anderson, Business Boost Experts
“I’ve always considered myself good with words, in fact, writing is part of my daily job. But Nancy Juetten is masterful muellerwith words. She did more than help me re-make my bio. She breathed life into it. When people read my bio, they laugh and show emotion. They become attracted to my story and to me. I get asked more questions and have more opportunities to talk about my business and my talents. I’m proud of my bio, and I’ll tell you a secret – when I need a little confidence boost I go back and read it. Nancy helped me find words and an inner confidence that I couldn’t get to on my own. The overall result, I feel like I can play big. I have the skills and now my bio, speaker sheet, speaker introduction and website copy reflect that, thanks to working with Nancy.”
~ Jen Mueller, America’s Expert Talker + CEO, Talk Sporty to Me
“Inspiring Conversation and Confidence Through Sports” —
robinpruitt_circle“Nancy you have an unparalleled talent for seeing and hearing the essence of others and translating that essence into sizzling soundbites.”
~Robin Pruitt – Healthy Food Consultant
“Nancy found a way when I couldn’t. Her generosity seems to know no bounds.”
stevenw_circleI took Nancy’s course to learn how to do better bios since I want to do more public speaking. I was hoping to come up with something that I could send out to various organizations. And you would think that someone who writes video scripts wouldn’t have a problem with this. Well, it’s one thing to toot someone else’s horn. It’s quite another to toot your own in a way that doesn’t make you feel false or bragging. Nancy struck me as a person who would understand this problem. And what a great judge of character I turned out to be.
Nancy found a way when I couldn’t. Her generosity seems to know no bounds. She gave example after example of great bios, and when I was stuck she simply turned mine into one of those. And it wasn’t just bios. Her take on how to use various web resources is quite clever and effective, and I look forward to diving into those resources as well when I launch my very next program.
This class has saved me only hours of needless angst and provided me with more tools to promote my company. If you’re looking for a streamlined way to get your publicity machine moving, I highly recommend Nancy’s course.”
~Steven Washer –
elizabeth_circle“I made a successful pitch to the Associated Press, earned 191,000 media placements as a direct result of applying the lessons I learned in this course and made the front page of the most ready daily newspaper in Italy!”
~Elizabeth Venturini – College and Career
Chief Publicity Officer for The Mona Lisa Code
“I had an absolutely fabulous experience. The resources were outstanding and the webinars brought everything to life. I especially like Nancy’s transparency. As a new business owner, it was reassuring to hear what Nancy learned, both ups and downs, as her business blossomed. Above all, I appreciate the fact that Nancy made herself very available and had a ‘no soldier left behind’ feel to all of her interactions with students. I cannot say enough good things about this course and I look forward to working with Nancy again.”
~ Ann Marie Bryant – Valparaiso, Indiana
“Thank you for your amazing program. You helped me put together a concise message that is easy for my potential clients to briget_circleunderstand. With your help, I have re-written my bio and recently got to test its effectiveness when I entered a silent auction for the benefit of United Way. The items I presented for bid were a seminar for four bidders on financial issues and a financial plan for a couple. I used my bio for the background information on the auction poster and I am pleased to say that both items were bid up. I received fabulous feedback about the bio with comments like, ‘I loved your quote,’ ‘I have a good understanding about what you do’ and ‘Thank you for entering the auction with such a fabulous product.’ You helped me put together a concise message that is easy for my potential clients to understand.”
~ Bridget Burgess, CFP® – Financial Planner
Strategic Planning Partners, LLC,
aprylisa_circle“Nancy helps you craft an irresistible message that is based on the truth of YOU! She is worth every penny, peso and farthing you invest in her as she delivers so much more than you can even imagine. I had a delightful, productive and downright fun time working with Nancy. I adore her. Don’t hesitate to work with this magical wordsmith who can weave the wonder of you into profit making phrases that will blast off your business and change your life.”
~Aprylisa Snyder –
lisas_circle“Rewriting my bio and working on my branding had been on my to do list for awhile, but my client work always took precedence. The strategies and individual suggestions provided in this course were critical to the development of my story.”
~ Lisa Schulteis – Today’s Virtual Edge, Port Washington, WI
ann_greg_circle“To secure a radio interview we talked in juicy phrases from our new bios, then we gave new life to our stories on the show. Thank you for showing us a fresh way to present ourselves.”
~ Ann Salisbury & Greg Meyerhoff –
faina_circle“I was invited to media interviews through magazines and radio shows as a result of learning how to write a pitch the media can’t resist!”
~ Faina Gregory – Cancer Recovery Coach
“Powerful Proof this Training Delivers”
“You are an excellent speaker and teacher. It is very evident that you really care about the impact you make on your students. I know the students, alumni and guests got a lot out of it and I hope they will continue the process you began. I am committed to supporting students’ future success by providing top notch presenters like you to teach and inspire them, so thank you for providing the perfect example of that. Here is the video of the students saying thank you.”
“Nancy, it is not just what you teach but who you are that blows me away.”
susan_b“I cannot possibly overstate the life-changing impact your Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Virtual Workshop has had on me. I’ve been piddling around with internet marketing for eight years but never felt I had found my personal path. It is not just what you teach but who you are that blows me away: I realize that what’s been missing is just letting the real me come out , instead of trying to be so ‘professional’ or ‘deliberate’ in the way I presented myself. Bless you for what you’re bringing to the world, and how you’re helping me and so many others to do the same.”- Susan Blais,
“You are most definitely the best message doc on the planet.”
I have been struggling for years to get this right and I feel in those short minutes you summed me up quicker than anyone. I get so excited to hear how you transform words, one hand flies up in the air as I give thanks to your brilliance. Keep shining, sister, we all need your expert advice.”
– Amelía,
“Nancy Juetten has the uncanny brilliance to sift through the muddled words in record speed and get to the core of the message creating a juicy dynamic message that exactly describes the individual’s intent.”
“Nancy walks the talk and truly speaks and works from her heart. Having the opportunity to work with Nancy has catapulted my purpose and vision in ways I never thought possible. Thank you Nancy for all you share in transforming our boring bio’s into succulent delicious words of wisdom and truth.”
– Lee Pryke, I Am I Can Self Enrichment Centre.
What a difference Nancy’s Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Workshop has made for me!
“After Segment #1 I was perfectly satisfied with the hands-on shift of my bio from Boring to Wow. Then in Segment #2 Nancy blew my socks off, turning good into great by directing me toward powerful testimonials that speak directly to the value my clients receive. This was just the confidence boost I’d been craving. As if that weren’t enough, in Segment #3 Nancy offered tips to refine my bio manifesto into perfect bite sizes to fit the right circumstance at the right time. If you suffer from ‘Bio Cringe,’ treat yourself to a makeover with Nancy, and stand by for results!”
With appreciation,
– Nina Durfee, CPC, dip in, drink deep, emerge nourished! – The Wisdom Well Retreats, LLC
teresa_circle“I learned how to pitch a bylined article to my local business journal, refined my approach and made a pitch with confidence.”
~ Theresa Torseth
cathy_norris_circle“Nancy’s class with weekly assignments and feedback helped me to build my new bio, speaking topics and know how on pitching to the media.”
~ Cathy Norris – Incline Village, NV
marilynn_circle“Not only do I have a better bio, but I have multiple bios to use for different situations, a prepared list of targeted media outlets to share my info with and I learned how to develop and market a brand for myself.”
~ Marilynn R. Jones –
bill_circle“Nancy’s seminar first tells you how to build yourself up and get your message out, then deftly shows you how to make practical use of that new found personal charm, wit and wisdom.”
~ Bill Cherf –
hazel_circle“This program helped me clarify my own brilliance and then put it into interesting, powerful words. Nancy has the insight to take copy from ordinary and boring to truly powerful.”
~ Hazel Palache –
lindale_circle“Nancy crafted my bio using language to attract my ideal clients complete with an irresistible 7 second hook and a fabulous headline. Thanks to Nancy, I am now jumping for joy that my bio has the WOW that I was looking for!”
~ Linda Levin, P.C.C. – Executive and Leadership Coach
sharis_circle“This training was the kick in the butt I needed to finally put in place a bio that has teeth, is sassy, shows personality and is PERFECT for grabbing the attention of the mixed niche I am trying to reach.”
~ Shari Swoish – Getting Grad Students better, high-paying jobs faster!
risa_circle“If you’re seriously committed to doing the necessary work – and make no mistake, it takes a lot of time to sculpt the best possible you in various types of targeted written copy – then jump on this opportunity headfirst!”
~ Risa Simon – President Simon Says Seminars, Inc.
kathys_circle“If you would like to help crafting your message into words that sing and touch people’s hearts, Nancy is your go to guide. I highly recommend Nancy’s program.”
~ Kathy Slattengren –
deborah_fox_circle“Nancy is the only coach that has offered me value that is directly applicable to my business, and listened astutely to fulfill my coaching needs.
She absolutely delivered what she promised and much more!”
~ Deborah Fox -Luminary Healer, Empowerment Catalyst, Grief Guide,
stephana_circle“You get huge value for your investment. Nancy is the best out there plus she is super cool and really nice!”
~ Stephana Johnson –
anne_palmer_circle“Golden nuggets of wisdom about how to get my message out in the world, in front of the right people was worth every penny I paid and more – simply priceless!”
~ Anne Palmer – Clarity and Prosperity,
lori_radcliff_circle“Nancy is the real deal and she gives you the tough love that makes you decide if you are truly in it or just faking it till you may start making it. Thank you Nancy, for your brilliance in helping me bring out mine!”
~ Lori “Minky” Radcliffe, Fitness Nurse Consultant & Speaker,
Beth Huslbrink“We haven’t even had our first call yet, and the individual support & guidance I’ve received from Nancy in the private Facebook group has been outstanding! As a new business owner, getting clear is important to me and has been a source of frustration. With the few interactions we’ve had, Nancy has already helped me narrow down my niche and my message. I know that she genuinely cares about me, my mission to share my message, and my success. I’m looking forward to watching what her magic helps me create as we continue to work together.”
~ Beth Huslbrink
When YOU show up for the LIVE Magic Message Lab calls and embrace the eye-opening how-to training to get known and well paid for your expertise, you will have clarity, confidence, know-how and enthusiasm to share your best story with the right people who can benefit most from how you serve.

I Understand I Will:

Broadcast Your Brilliance - Elevate Your Message to Attract Better Clients Craft and Master My Marketing Message as I embrace the easy to follow ‘Bye-Bye Boring Bio- Hello Premium Clients Now’ Audio Training to guide me to attract premium clients with my brilliant message and bio leading the way ($497 Value)


Broadcast Your Brilliance - Elevate Your Message to Attract Better ClientsLearn to SHARE My Marketing Message with the self-paced Get Known to Get Paid training guiding me every step of the credible, visible and fun journey. ($997 Value)

GKGPSS without Speak More No Price

3-D binder small  (5)

 checkmarkShow up for  6 LIVE “Magic Message Labs” to transform boring stories into proof-packed, client-attracting magnets — live and in the moment. Enjoy “Make My Message Fabulous Message Triage” via the Get Known to Get Paid  PRIVATE Facebook Community to get messaging magic and support – stay as long as I like to get the value I desire and make the connections to propel my business forward. ($5000 value)


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checkmarkClient Attraction Summit – Two Scholarship Tickets – $2000 Value – Your ticket to total immersion in the 3-Day training to change your business game for the better.  Choose the dates that suit your readiness to take action.


Your Full Pay “I am All In” Gift:


checkmarkBenefit from an email exchange with me to make your bio better for instant ideal client attraction!

checkmarkPerhaps the MOST VALUABLE bonus of all is how you feel in your heart, head, and gut when you welcome the relief and lesson the frustration of getting to your best message because you are saying YES to getting expert support — PRICELESS!

Let’s face it.  Going it alone to create your magnetic marketing message is hard.  Seeing your own brilliance does NOT come fast or easily. Just reflect back on how many hours you have spent already as you have tried to get this right. How many clients missed out on your services because they didn’t understand them well enough to say YES to investing with you?  How much frustration have you already suffered trying to create the right words? Let’s put a stop to that TODAY so you can proceed full speed ahead to the successful business serving perfect clients as soon as possible.

                                         Say YES to your Get Known to Get Paid Success.

The Total Value Packed Within Your

Get Known to Get Paid Success Training:
Your Wise Investment for Saying YES to Elevating Your Marketing Message
My Unwavering Support and Championship …
Full Pay Option: $997.00
Enjoy a PRIVATE email exchange with me to make your bio better
for ideal client attraction when you Full Pay!


 Convenient 3-Pay Option: $347 – 3 Automatic Payments


Convenient 6-Pay Option:  $197 – 6 Automatic Payments


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed When You Take Action on What You Learn.
You’ll Earn Return on Your Investment with the First Client or Joint Venture Partner You Engage!

I am 100% confident that after you employ the powerful business-building knowledge and tools in the Get Known to Get Paid Success Training, you will be in great position to prepare and share your story so more of the right people will pay attention and ENGAGE with you for the life of your successful business. That’s why I invite you to invest wisely so the journey can begin as soon as possible. Work with this material for a full year, apply the lessons within to your expert advantage, access and apply the bonuses, and participate in the live calls. If you don’t make your modest investment back after taking inspired action as hundreds before you already have, send me a letter that shows the actions you have taken to request a refund.

Your Live Webinar Participation Gift!
Get Your Get Known in Your Own Backyard and Beyond Blueprint When You “Click” on the Icon Below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When is the NEXT LIVE Call with Nancy providing support?

Answer: The next LIVE support call is the first Wednesday of the month from 9 – noon Pacific.

Question: How soon can I join the Magic Message Lab PRIVATE Facebook Group to get expert support?

Answer:  You’ll be invited to join us and start connecting within a day or two of making your wise YES decision.

Question: Are replays for all calls provided?

Answer: Yes! The replays from the most recent session are posted to the Private Facebook Group so you can MAKE APPOINTMENTS to listen at your convenience and get this done in a world-class way.

Question: Does Nancy offer private mentoring?

Answer: Yes. Nancy works with highly motivated amazing clients who are a fit for the Get Known to Get Paid Private Mentoring Program. Visit this link to read more. Serious applicants are welcome to apply. When you say YES, Nancy applies the dollars invested in the Get Known to Get Paid Success Training to ‘Broadcast Your Brilliance’ toward your wise investment in the private mentoring program.

If you have additional questions, send them to to receive a private reply.

About Get Known to Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten


“It’s Your Story. Tell It Well.”

Nancy Juetten shows business owners how to get known and paid for their expert status. Thousands of coaches, healers, consultants, solopreneurs, speakers, infopreneurs, and aspiring and thriving authors around the world make big names for themselves so they attract clients, speaking gigs, media attention, and prestigious joint venture partnerships as a direct result of lessons she shares to support their success.
Millionaires, “millionaire makers” and thought leaders who aspire to make big impact in the marketplace and the world are Nancy’s favorite clients. Luminaries including Alex Mandossian, Loral Langemeier, Sandra Yancey, Christine Kloser, Vinca Heart and more call her “The Bio Queen” for good reason. Her systems and methods invite new clients, prestigious speaking gigs, media interviews, and joint venture partnerships with thought leaders and influence builders worldwide.