Business Bio Expert Nancy Juetten Releases Preview of Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020 to Guide Virtual Speakers, Experts, and Authors to Attract Connections, Clients, and Cash

BELLINGHAM, Wash., June 26, 2020 -- Speakers, experts and authors who once relied on live, in-person events to make money have had to pivot quickly to bring their messages online because of the limitations brought on by the COVID 19 Pandemic. That’s why Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020 Workbook Author and Business Bio Expert Nancy Juetten [...]

THIS kind of organizing is a sock drawer of a completely different color!

Have you joined the millions of people who are binge-watching the new Netflix TV show starring Professional Organizer and New York Times Best-Selling Author Marie Kondo? If you haven’t yet heard of her, she’s a powerful advocate for the life-changing magic of tidying up. Her lessons about de-cluttering and deciding what stays or goes to [...]

Need a sassy cover for your book? Check out this awesome resource!

So you've worked for months (or longer) to create your next book to elevate your expert status and boost your authority factor. Now it's time to have the front cover designed. My husband Steve and his team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals just wrote a book called Smart Money Moves: Get On Track and Stay [...]

Life Goes on Roadmap Co-Founders Announce Licensing Opportunity for Financial Advisers to Support Clients in Gaining Power, Access and Control Over Crucial Accounts

  The co-founders of Life Goes on Roadmap™ today announce that their system for personal financial information organization is available for licensing by financial advisers who seek to support their clients in getting their financial information and documents organized to give power, access and control for those moments in life when the moments matter most [...]

The Girlfriend’s Guide to Making a Living with Information Products

Yesterday I gave a no holds barred presentation at the Ladies Who Launch Global Conference in Seattle.  My topic?  The Girlfriend's Guide to Making a Living with Information Products: Real Life Versus the Fairy Tale.   There was plenty of authentic sharing during the talk, and you could hear the laughter a few doors down! If [...]