Use BizNik to Promote Your Fee-Based Events. It Works!

So many consultants and experts are offering seminars and workshops to promote their events, and everyone is looking for high-value, high-impact ways to invite the right guests without breaking the bank.  As a publicist, I know plenty of ways to do that, and I am always on the lookout for new ways to get the [...]

Want an Inspiring Prosperi-Tea Cup as a Bonus Gift? Make Your Media-Savvy-to-Go Publicity Toolkit or Publici-Tea™ Workshop Purchase Before Midnight

The special offer to include the Prosperi-Tea cup with your Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit or Publici-Tea™ Workshop registration expires at midnight tonight. Act now so you can benefit and kick-start your DIY publicity activities into high gear.  Great free publicity rewards await.  If you crave lasting, buzz-building benefits for your business, now is a delicious [...]

Hear Nancy Speak about DIY Publicity – Mark These Dates and Cities

If you've been wanting to hear me speak about DIY publicity, I've got a number of dates coming up to make it easy for you in both Portland, Oregon and the Puget Sound region. 2008 will come to a close faster than you can imagine, and won't it be a bonanza for your business to [...]

Zookhooks Gets ANOTHER Story in Hometown Newspaper

I am a big fan of inviting interest in your evolving business success story in your community newspaper. First of all, getting seen, heard, and celebrated in your own backyard is thrilling. Second of all, your neighbors and friends are most likely to support you. And, finally, chatting with your hometown media is a great [...]