Selling a Home in 2010 Blog Series Ends Happily Today

I was inspired to start a blog to share our home selling journey by my friend and colleague Betsy Talbot, who blogs at Betsy just moved into temporary quarters on Queen Anne before leaving the USA in a few months with her husband Warren to travel the world for three years.   She and Warren did all the [...]

We Sold Our Somerset House! Thank You Windemere Agents Mary Lee and Jeff Shaffer

When we put our Bellevue, WA home in the Somerset neighborhood on the market on February 28, 2010, we set a very specific intention. The perfect, qualified, respectful, and motivated buyer will soon emerge to offer a market appropriate price to love the home as we did for 20 years as they raise their family [...]

10 Things to LOVE About This Home for Sale

Someone came forward today with one of those low ball offers to which you can't possibly give serious consideration.   We declined to respond. We remain committed to the belief that the perfect, qualified respectful buyer will soon come forward to make a market competitive offer to enjoy the home we nurtured and loved for 20 [...]

Manifesting the Perfect Buyer for Our Somerset Home for Sale

We continue to get good feedback about our home for sale.   Here is my wish from the buying pool: Please, Universe, manifest the perfect  qualified, motivated, respectful family with kids that are old enough to walk to the neighborhood park one block away, smart enough not to play in the street, and big enough not [...]