Getting the YouTube Game On and a Resource to Help You Get It Done!

Do you struggle taking on just one more initiative to get even more visible to your niche market? Join the club! When I find myself in that situation, do you know what I do? I bring in the reinforcements! I've known for a while that setting up a YouTube channel for Life Goes on Roadmap™ [...]

Do You Suffer from “They Loved Me, But They Didn’t Buy From Me” Disease?

Truth be told, I suffered from this ailment for quite a while. I accepted invitations to speak, spent hours to create original material, and rehearsed my presentations for hours before showing up live or by webinar to deliver them. With high hopes and even higher expectations, I would show up and deliver the best content [...]

Entrepreneurs: Is Your Bio Ready for a Makeover? A Video Invitation for You

New Year.  New You. You want more clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews. And your bio is not telling your best most client attracting story. Let's solve that problem once and for all -- this Wednesday, Jan. 22 from noon to 3 p.m. PST at the Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Virtual Worldwide Workshop. [...]