If you missed today's teleclass on Igniting Your Business with a Magnetic Brand and Authentic Story, here is great news — direct from those who engaged LIVE with Liz and I during the call at my Facebook Fan Page:

Nancy and Liz– you are the greatest wrapping paper– thinking outside of a beautiful and unique box!

Thank you so much Nancy and Liz! Wonderful information! A valuable use of time today!!

Nancy and Liz: How talented you both are! The conference was wonderful! Very instructive and inspiring!

Thank you so much. As usual, jam-packed with USEFUL information!

If you have been struggling finding the right words to speak your brilliance so more of the right people will do business with you, you can listen in.

Here is the link to make that easy.  And if you'd like to go deeper, enroll in the “Bio and Branding Wow Now” Tele Boot Camp that is starting on July 27 at 11 a.m.   Register by July 21 by 5 p.m. and you'll enjoy the special unadvertised bonuses that we promised during the call that will most definitely guide you to prepare your story, broadcast your brilliance and prosper in the spotlight.    We'd love to have you join us.