In April of 2011, my business was at a crossroads. My boutique publicity agency was struggling in the aftermath of the Great Recession. The media landscape was forever changed, thanks to the influence of social media. It was high time to take inspired and imperfect actions to reinvent my offerings to be more relevant in a slowly recovering economy to create a sustainable, satisfying, and rewarding business. It was a tall order, and I journeyed forward – step by deliberate step – to make it real.

The Bite of Harsh Reality

Truth be told, I was stuck at the front door with a $47 information product – Bye-Bye Boring Bio — and a host of additional products and services that weren’t gaining sufficient traction to make my business flow with ease. I was frustrated that all the pieces of the puzzle weren’t coming together in a business model that worked.  To make matters worse, my brand message – Main Street Media Savvy — wasn’t up to date or compelling. The website was cluttered and confusing. I felt overwhelmed by shopping cart technology, sales page design, and administrative details. I didn’t even understand the difference between a broadcast email versus an auto responder. I had never hosted a teleseminar in my life despite being invited to contribute content to the events of others. Most notably, I was feeling discouraged and beaten down by negative self-talk and the economic challenges brought on by the Great Recession.   It was a “now or never” decision to get my business model figured out and on a better path.

What a Difference a Year MakesResults that Count

It is often said that "what you measure gets treasured."  So, here are some specifics in that regard.

  • My ezine list has grown from 3300 to almost 10,000 within a year.
  • The open rate for my ezines is growing. Sometimes, 30% or more of the people who receive my ezine open it and read it.
  • My blog readership is up 77% over last year.
  • My opt in pages for virtual events are converting far better than ever before.  Some convert 75% or better.
  • I've become a sought after joint venture partner with an active speaking calendar to influence perfect audiences who can benefit from my message.
  • I've learned to attract hundreds and sometimes thousands of perfect participants to my own webinars and those of my joint venture partners.
  • 85% or more of my business comes to me from beyond my Puget Sound backyard.
  • My products, training programs, and services offer "perfect fit" options that meet the needs of spotlight seekers who are serious about the journey to get known to get paid. More of the right people are engaging in these offerings every day.
  • My business is squarely and consistently generating six figures in annual revenue without having to rely on done for you publicity services to make the magic happen month to month.

Big Finish and a Call to Action

This has not been an easy journey and not one for the faint of heart. And it’s not for anyone looking for an “easy” button.  I had to say YES to high level training to get me on the right path to achieve success.  What I know for sure is that the biggest shifts of all are those that have taken place between my ears. I’ve got more work to do there, and I’ll keep moving forward, step by step. There will be pot holes in the path to navigate. There will be challenges to overcome. There will be new lessons to learn. What is different now is a sense of greater confidence that the foundation for my business is solid and poised for growth, many systems are in place to support it, and I love the business I have created. That is powerful progress to make in one year’s time.

If you would like to take a similar journey with me as your guide, evaluate the Get Known to Get Paid Private Mentoring Program that is gearing up to begin in mid-July.  And provided the program offers results that resonate for your own goals to Get Known to Get Paid, complete the intake form and we'll set up a time to chat.