Get Ready. Get Known. Get Paid Workbook


Attention Coaches, Consultants, Heart-Based Entrepreneurs, and Aspiring and Thriving Speakers, Authors, and Infopreneurs:

Are you ready to achieve media recognition, attract quality leads, and get known for your expert status?

Are You Tired of Being a Well-Kept Secret?

Are You Ready to Do Something About It to Take Control and Create Results You Can Take to the Bank?

Introducing the Get Ready. Get Known. Get PAID Workbook!

With Your Get Ready-Get Known-Get Paid Workbook:

  • You'll learn to write your own press releases, pitch letters, meeting notices, and more — thanks to the step-by-step guidance and abundant examples within this 60-page resource;
  • You'll learn a time-tested and proven way to pitch an article the media can't resist so you can become a published author in the print media that matter most for your message;
  • You'll be equipped and prepared to get seen, heard, celebrated in the media in your own backyard and beyond – so you can be COMPEN$ATED for your expert status and winning ways;
  • You'll gain access to useful and mostly free resources so you can learn even more about how to Get Ready, Known, and Paid;
  • Most importantly, you will no longer be a well-kept secret, provided you act on what you learn!

 What Readers Say:


 "My confidence level just shot up about 10 notches since going through this workbook."

“I just completed the Get Ready Get Known Get Paid E-Workbook and I am blown away by the amount of valuable content that this workbook offers. I have been in business for over 12 years and learned so much new information on how to get media attention, I was actually surprised. Nancy’s workbook is simple, easy to understand and chock full of great tips and tools. I used her exercises to prepare for my next media interview and press release and also came up with about 10 new ways of getting media exposure that I will use this week for a women’s retreat that I am offering.  My confidence level just shot up about 10 notches since going through this workbook. I am certain to land a media interview very soon thanks to this workbook and Nancy’s information.”

Tara Powers, Mama Means Business.


"The perfect tool to help you tell the world who you are, with conviction, confidence and clarity."

-Ka Rae' Carey, PhD, Strong Stepfamilies,

Page through 60 content-rich worksheet pages to learn how to:

Write a rock-star bio

– Get a great photo taken

– Craft a winning elevator speech

– Launch both a website and a blog

– Figure out your claim to fame and what is newsworthy and interesting about it

– Craft story hooks and prioritize ideal media outlets

– Prepare and share your message

– Become a published author

– Apply media training tips to your advantage

– Leverage good news with an online press kit and more

– Write dozens of articles for the media

– Earn a column in the local business journals or online venue

– Launch and sustain a quality ezine

– Enter awards contests and win

– Take your show on the road on online via teleseminars, webinars, radio interviews, and your own “live” events


Here are just a few of the stunning, decisive DIY publicity success stories from business owners just like you who have applied the lessons within this useful workbook to their expert advantage. Their successes represent the tip-of-the-iceberg of DIY publicity possibilities awaiting for you when you get into inspired action today:


Todd Martini – Alex’s Coupons – Good Morning America


Debbie Whitlock – Sound Financial Partners – – TWICE!


Bill Stainton – Beatles Expert and Speaker – Ovation Consulting Village Voice and Advertising Age


Betsy Talbot – Blogger at Redbook and First for Women


Craig Sigl – Sports Hypnosis West Evening Magazine and Seattle Post-Intelligencer


Annie Cheng – Marketing Specialist for a Netstar Inc. – Fox 13 TV News, NBC Nightly News, and the Puget Sound Business Journal


Paul Anderson – Prolango Consulting – The Seattle Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week


Laura Liest – Eliminate Chaos – Puget Sound Business Journal


I want to tell my story to invite the right consulting and media opportunities so I can shortcut my path to financial and personal success as soon as possible.


                                                        Treat yourself to the Get Ready, Get Known, Get Paid Workbook. You’ll be glad that you did. I guarantee it, or your money back.




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