Seattle Chocolate Co. CEO Jean Thompson and Kristi Mandt

If you attend networking events around town, bring your camera. Chances are, prominent local business people will be in attendance who will be happy to pose for a photo with you. Then, you can submit the photos to the “people on the move” or “local buzz” sections of your hometown media with a caption that identifies the people, the occasion, and why the event matters, along with a photo credit.

For example, just last Thursday, Jean Thompson, CEO of Seattle Chocolate Company, was the keynote speaker at the Women Business Owners luncheon at the Washington Athletic Club. She wowed the audience with the lessons she has learned while growing her company. And, it just made sense to snap her photo with the programming chair for the WBO.

(By the way, I'll share Jean's powerful lessons in my next blog post.)

I shared the photo with several local business journals and magazines. Within minutes, I received confirmation that the photo would be included in the November issue of Seattle Business Monthly magazine.Your local media can't possibly be everywhere, so lend a hand by sharing quality digital photos that put you and other prominent local business people in the spotlight. You'll be delighted by the buzz this creates for you and those you photograph.