Joint ventures are the power plays that lead to getting known and getting paid because they deliver impact, influence and income. When partners advocate for your programs and offerings with “full court press” as true believers, the people they serve listen and take action.  Those are people who are likely to follow their leader and invest wisely in services, products, and programs that can address real problems in their businesses and lives. This is among the most powerful ways to build big influence and impact quickly.  Those who deploy this strategy get known in a big way among tribes of people who are serious about success.

Since I am a Get Known to Get Paid Mentor, advancing along my own path to mastery with this strategy has been a huge area of emphasis in my business and my professional development over the last two years. When I advocate for others, I have very high standards. 

  • I believe 100% in the expert and the offer and have done my due diligence by reading the book, studying their program and knowing in my heart, head, and gut that it is well worth my advocacy.
  • The match to the needs of my audience is spot on.
  • The folks behind the scenes are total professionals who know what they are doing.

Right now, there is a group of 70 entrepreneurs with very big lists, 6 and 7-figure incomes, and lots of influence.  We are all advocating powerfully for the outstanding work of one of our colleagues.  

And, yes, that means that you have likely been on the receiving end of far more email than you prefer because we all believe in her training and know it can serve those we serve.

I've been “going to the mattresses” to make my impact. This expression was first used in “The Godfather.”  And it also got showcased in the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan romantic comedy “You've Got Mail.”   Ryan's character was going to the mattresses to save The Little Shop Around the Corner from big, behemoth Fox Books. The press got involved. It made for great drama and impact. It really got people talking, taking sides, and making decisions.

Going to the Mattresses

So, when the first leader board came out. Of all the folks on the list, guess who was in the #1 position?

Yes. For a brief moment in time, it was Nancy Juetten.

The next day, my name dropped to the #2 position.   

Everything I have ever learned about building big buzz, credibility, and impact over a lifetime has come into play during this joint venture.  I've built on my years as a publicist, storyteller, and serving as among the best “setters” on the planet to the “spikes” of my powerful partners.

  • I created and issued a press release across PR Newswire to bring the quality news and information to a much wider audience of people to benefit.
  • I created and issued a second press release across PR Newswire to announce a special webinar just for my tribe. That one landed on Bloomberg Businessweek.




  • I created custom ezines and blog posts to add texture and context to the conversation around filling events with ease.
  • I've posted to social media.
  • I've sent the partner provided email messages to my list, re-sent to “unopens,” and welcomed plenty of unsubscribes in the process.
  • I've deployed paid advertising — Help a Reporter Out and Facebook Ads — to build buzz.
  • I've offered a very special and relevant bonus to reward everyone who mades the wise choice to invest in my partner's program. 
  • And, the partner offered a live webinar for my tribe, too, to offer even more access to her expertise.
  • I believe it is the combination of actions and the spirit behind them that created the momentum, impact and results.

I “went to the mattresses” to advocate for a partner for whom I have great respect, admiration and belief.  That feels great.

But why does this matter to me personally?  I'll tell you why in the true spirit of authentic visibility.

I've been fighting this battle between my ears and “going to the mattresses” for something not so easy to win that matters to me.

After years of working really hard, learning new ways of doing business, and earning success one modest step at a time, I have lamented to my husband and close colleagues that I am tired of sitting at the little kid's table. I've been angling for a chance to take my seat at the Big Kids Table through my inspired and results-generating advocacy, gifts, and talent. 

It is not enough to be good at what you do and earn applause and raves. You need to turn heads with RESULTS that count.  These results need to be the kinds of results that people of influence can SEE and experience in ways that matter to them.

When YOUR NAME shows up near the top of the leader board as an advocate that delivers results, here is what happens.  In very short order, everyone who is playing in the same joint venture comes to know YOUR NAME.  Those folks may be wondering, “Who the heck is that, and is that someone I can meet and co-create great results with?”   And then the bigger opportunities start coming your way to deliver your message to more of the right people who can benefit from how you help.

In addition to supporting my partner's great work during this launch, I sought out to earn a place in the Top 5 or better among a list of A-List performers on the leader board.  Many of the experts I know, admire and respect are participating, so that is very fine company to keep. Earning a leader board position is a way to get seen, heard, and celebrated by folks who a week or so ago probably didn't even know my name.  Now they do, and they may be wondering how they can benefit from the kind of “full court press” advocacy I deliver for my best partners for THEIR next big launch.

Get Known. Get Paid.  I wave the flag for these outcomes every day, even when it is hard. Why?  Because I have walked the talk to great outcomes in my own life and business, and I want others on missions for good to welcome the same benefits.

And, I will tell you that there are nay sayers, dream smashers, and skeptics everywhere.

Maybe you are earlier in your journey and are hearing things like:

  • “Your list isn't big enough to make real impact.”
  • “You are not playing a big enough game.”
  • “Come talk to me when you have a better offering to share.”
  • “You are welcome to promote me, but I will never promote you.”
  • “Press releases don't work.”

I have heard it all before. And these comments just compel me to prove the messengers wrong.

No matter the final outcome, landing near the top of a joint venture leader board for a behemoth launch like this is powerful proof that smaller engines with high octane heart, muscle, and commitment to long distance running can make a huge impact.

For the nay sayers out there, I would also say this.

Don't ever underestimate or pre-judge “The Little Engine that Could” who crosses your path. There may be a great deal of power under the hood.

During this big launch which concluded with me earning #3 position on that leader board, I “went to the mattresses” to do my absolute best for my partner and also wage an inner game battle.

No matter what happens next, I have put “the little card table with small chairs” in the hall closet for good.  And that feels like a sweet victory to me.