It is so rewarding when clients take inspired action to get known and get paid for their winning ways.  Amy Minkoff is a perfect example of that.  Read about her results so far as a client in the Get Known Get Paid PRIVATE Mentoring Program and be inspired to take actions of your own.   Oh by the way, if you know of anyone in the midst of divorce who needs support and guidance to reclaim their joy, Amy is the expert who can light the way.

Dear Nancy,

I am so excited about all the progress I’ve made on my business since we started working together in the Get Known Get Paid PRIVATE Mentoring Program just a few months ago!   Before we got going, my main concern was taking my Joy After Divorce Expert coaching practice to the next level because I knew I would have to get out of my comfort zone to do it. And I have!

I got paid even before my site went live.  I gave powerful talks to influential hubs before my site went live.  Professionals in my audience have made referrals.  Now I have a rock solid website to draw even more ideal clients so they can hire me to navigate the choppy waters of divorce to the shores of Joy After Divorce with financial savvy, time for what matters, and the love they deserve!  Nancy has challenged me to break through the fear of being imperfect and take action so I can be seen, heard and paid.  Now I am ready to commit to the next level of action to continue my success!

Amy Minkoff,

Joy After Divorce Expert