Are you an expert, author, or messenger who just gets stuck when it comes to writing your bio, making yourself sound interesting to a podcast host, or knowing how to make a winning approach so you can speak up and share your story on podcasts and other platforms?

Join the club. You are not alone.

I’ve taught the Podcast Visibility Live Lab multiple times since March of 2020.

During this live five-day online training, I guide folks through the 6P System for Podcast Guesting Success, assign daily homework, and provide feedback in my Facebook group to guide participants forward. The aim is to empower aspiring podcast guests to book themselves on top podcasts without hiring an expensive booking agency.

Here’s what I’ve noticed over time.

While all five days of the training are well attended and appreciated, the part of the training that focuses on creating a compelling media one sheet invites dramatically more engagement and participation.

This is by a wide margin.

Those who get stalled describing who they are, who they serve, what they want to talk about, and what makes them special, distinct and preferred get stuck at the front door.

Some never raise their voices to make their best impact because they are obsessing about making the words perfect while contending with issues with their confidence and clarity about what outcome they most want to welcome as a result of being a guest.

This is a problem I feel called to solve.

That’s why I’ve created a new ONE ON ONE way to work with me.

It is high value, results focused, and also reasonably priced.

It’s for you if you are an aspiring podcast guest who needs expert guidance and support to get your media one sheet done, dialed, designed and delivered direct to you.

You also benefit from the on demand training to master the 6P System for podcast guesting success so you can embrace the learning at your 24/7 convenience.

This invitation is for aspiring podcast guests who are hungry to speak up, share their stories and most importantly lasso leads to their businesses so they can grow.

You’ll walk away with a media one sheet that captures your unique value and get to benefit anytime and anywhere from the comprehensive training replays that continue to earn raves from clients who book themselves on top podcasts without hiring an expensive booking agency.

You can read all about it right here.

Say YES, and let’s get started!