When people “Google” your name, what comes up in the search?

If you haven't yet created a winning bio that makes clear why, how, and what you do in a compelling way, you are missing out on a powerful way to share your message — on your website, your blog, and at all the social networks to which you belong.  Better than 90% of consumers first visit the Internet to research products and services they want to buy.  If, when they search for you, they don't find a compelling message, they just may move on to the next alternative that offers the compelling message they seek.

Whether you want to sign up for one of my upcoming Winning Bio Writing Workshops or work with me privately, I am happy to help get your bio in great shape to invite winning results for your growing business.

Click on this link to read about the workshop and what people say about it.  I see five business owners during a half-day session, and everyone leaves with a bio that makes them beam with pride.  Then, they can post that new bio to their website or blog and also post it to all their social networking profiles so their stories are always told in a favorable, compelling, inviting way.

Here is what Pam Blanton, founder of Calliope's Garden, had to say about her Winning Bio Writing Workshop experience just last Monday:

“Nancy is dynamic, creative, and inspirational.  Her gift of storytelling is clearly her passion, and her love of her work is evident.  Thank goodness I crossed her path.  I have learned so much already.  She is a ‘must have' partner for any business looking for ways to increase visibility.  Thank you Nancy!!”

The cool thing about the group workshop is you get to network with other buzz seeking business owners and will likely connect with great people with whom you with want to do business with — and vice versa.

If you would rather skip the group and just get the bio written with me as your able scribe and guide, we simply book two hours of Nancy's Rent-a-Brain time.  And we'll get the bio done in short order.  It takes two hours because I have to connect with you by phone to quickly get to know you and ask lots of questions. Then, I invest time on my own to take the quality information you provide and turn it into a bio that makes you proud.  It truly is a collaborative process because you know your story inside and out, and I may be connecting with you for the first time.  I promise you will beam with pride about your new bio and breathe a sigh of relief that this essential task is now complete, just in time to turn the page on the New Year.  My rates are on sale between now and 12-31-08, so get what you want at fabulous value when you engage between now and then.

If you are not satisfied with the “Google” search about your name or company name, here are two alternatives to address that right now.  Are you ready to get into action?  Remember, along the continuum of intertia and momentum, more great things happen when you are in action.  Action is always the key.