Martha Wilson just hosted her Unflappable 3-Day Virtual Event, and I was able to join as a guest expert! I hope you can all see how I am practicing what I preach about the importance of having an online presence, specifically through podcast guesting.

Martha gave me the opportunity to share insights on how to make the most of podcast guesting, including preparing for interviews, creating impactful bios, prioritizing the right shows, and engaging with hosts effectively. I made sure to emphasize the power of storytelling, authenticity, and providing value to listeners. I also stressed the priority that needs to be placed on post-interview actions, such as expressing gratitude, repurposing content, and building collaborations. 

What you’ll learn here:

  • How having an online presence is crucial for visibility and business growth
  • How preparation, authenticity, and providing value are essential to podcast guesting
  • How to enhance your guesting experience by crafting impactful bios, selecting relevant topics, and engaging with hosts 
  • How to garner long-term success through post-interview actions, such as expressing gratitude and building collaborations
  • How to leverage guesting opportunities through consistency, persistence, and aiming high

Key Moments

02:39  Unleashing the Power of Podcast Guesting
08:41  A Strategy for Visibility and Success
18:41 Tools, Tips, and Tricks to Get Started
27:46  Positioning Yourself as a Sought After Guest
32:40  Make Meaningful Connections
40:49  Stay Committed and Create Opportunities

Maximizing Online Presence for Business Success

In the modern world, having an online presence is crucial even if you have a physical storefront. The impact of COVID has shown the importance of reaching a global audience from the comfort of your home. I continually stress the significance of visibility and getting your message out to the right audience clearly and simply. 

Unleashing the Power of Podcast Guesting

Podcast guesting is a powerful visibility strategy. I emphasized the importance of leveraging podcast interviews to share valuable insights and connect with ideal audiences. Storytelling and authenticity can help you overcome confidence issues and make a lasting impact on those listening to you. I didn’t shy away from sharing personal experiences and insights on handling personal visibility challenges and using techniques like tapping to build confidence. 

A Strategy for Visibility and Success

To emphasize the importance of being prepared as a podcast guest, I shared my journey of being invited to a national radio program. I gave away my tips on creating a professional headshot, short bio, and engaging content for interviews. I transitioned from publicist to a podcast guesting expert during the pandemic, where I taught over 5000 experts to book themselves on podcasts to continue to grow their businesses. I developed a 6-step system for podcast guest mastery, emphasizing preparation, positioning as an expert, choosing the right shows, pitching influencers, and driving profits.

Tools, Tips, and Tricks to Get Started

I talked about the importance of being prepared for opportunities, believing in oneself, and behaving as if success is already happening. I shared the value in engaging in dialogue during podcast interviews, setting the right intentions, and creating impactful bios for podcast guesting. I gave practical tips on equipment setup, maintaining a professional appearance, and utilizing tools like ChatGPT for bio writing.

Positioning Yourself as a Sought After Guest

I taught how to craft a compelling bio, select engaging topics, and prioritize target shows for podcast guesting success. The importance of specificity, uniqueness, and impact in positioning oneself as a sought-after guest was a major theme in my comments. By focusing on topics that resonate with hosts and audiences, and targeting the right platforms, you can increased performance and profit.

Make Meaningful Connections

I really emphasized prioritizing podcast shows with a substantial number of episodes and a dedicated listenership. Choosing shows that align with your brand and values, rather than accepting every invitation is better for you over all. Additionally, you can use online platforms like Pod Match to connect with hosts and other guests efficiently. Using concise the engaging pitches not only helps in podcasting, but in person networking events as well. 

Stay Committed and Create Opportunities

Podcast guesting is a huge tool to help you gain visibility and achieve success. Take consistent and persistent actions towards goals, aim high, follow up diligently, and seek introductions. By stepping out of your comfort zone and staying committed, you can create opportunities for yourself. I shared personal experiences of transformation and highlighted the impact of being proactive and visible in the industry. Take action now and embrace the journey of becoming recognized as an expert in your field through podcast guesting and media exposure.

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