Michelle Mazur-color-300x199It's so rewarding to hear from happy clients of mine who welcome results within weeks of working together.  It continues to astound me the value that one hour of messaging magic can deliver for clients who are receptive to taking the medicine from “The Bio Doc.”   This week, I heard from Michelle Mazur Ph.D, who landed two new coaching clients already That is a “Bye-Bye Boring Bio” success story that has already paid off big time.

“Nancy Juetten is a word wizard, a business coach, and a vision creator all wrapped up into one amazingly kind package. When I bought the ‘Look Over My Bio and Make It Better’ session, I was frustrated trying to create a bio that really captured the essence of who I am and what I do for my clients. In an hour, I got a bio wow! Nancy turned my testimonials into stunning results, captured my personality and made my online bio shine. Since working with Nancy, I've landed two new coaching clients. Nancy gave me the perfect words to describe what I do. Nancy gave me the words to speak to other people when they are interested in my service. I didn't realize that working on my bio would give me so much clarity about my business. It helped me see the tangible results my clients get from working with me. It does give me confidence. It was always hard for me to go beyond ‘I coach speeches’ but Nancy helped me realize that I give people a voice to their message, help them overcome fear, and let them get noticed and promoted. All of those are such amazing accomplishments for clients. I've also felt more able to promote my services. I think I can sell myself better because I believe more in my offering. I've also seen an increase in the number of consults that I am getting as well. Overall, it's clarity in vision for my business, the right words, and confidence. All I know is when my books comes out, and I'm putting together my speaking sheet. I'll be hiring Nancy again. She is amazing at helping people see the value in what they do. “

You can read more about Michelle by clicking here: Michelle Mazur Ph.D www.drmichellemazur.com.